Shew! I am beat this week. We are talking full on exhaustion. Yesterday I woke up got up and my eyeballs were on fire! We have not been getting much sleep the last couple weeks. I have been getting up early so I can babysit my 11 month old cousin mon, wed and fri and couple that with the fact that Levi is sleeping terribly and not long periods, thanks to his strong dislike of wearing a “shoe” (what he calls it) 24/7. He absolutely cannot deal with not being able to sleep with his little butt way up in the air due to his leg being held all stiff at a weird angle. Poor kid.

Speaking of, he traded his nasty old splint today for a cast that he has to wear the next 3 weeks. That splint had nearly blistered his heel and the top of his foot was rubbing raw. I hope his leg feels better in the cast. He is allowed to walk with the cast, whether he is actually able to is another story. No such luck so far. It is at such an angle, I don’t see how he could. The very kind nurses that put it on him also made a “cast” for Tru because they wanted him to feel special. 🙂 I really appreciated their thoughtfulness. It’s hard when you are 2 and your baby brother is getting so much more attention from everyone. Tru was thrilled with his cool purple cast but he ditched it when we got home. Poor Levi couldn’t do the same.


Waiting on the dr


A guy Tru drew. He said he put pants and shirt on him lol.


This one is "Bob" lol


The boys with their casts 😉 Levi "picked" orange but it looked icky so Tru and I settled on green. 😉 Haha!


Just one more.... Tru drew this deer all of his own idea! It has antlers and everything!

After Levi’s appointment, I stopped by the mall for a bit and bought the boys 9 shirts and a sleeper for Levi for just $28! I didn’t even use a coupon. I was so happy! The boys and I split a cup of pretzel nuggets while shopping. It’s the simple things. 🙂 We also stopped by DH’s work to have lunch with him and toured the location he is currently at. I had never been inside in all these years!

I know this isn’t really that exciting but, I bought a diffuser and a couple generic essential oils (not using the oils internally/topically) to try and I love it! Mostly because it makes my house smell really good and the diffuser lights up and changes colors, which the boys think is wayyy too cool. 🙂 I bought a lavender/blend oil that is supposed to promote good sleep. I put it right by the head of my bed 2 nights. I can’t say it helped but I can say that it certainly didn’t hurt. 🙂

I hate to bore everyone with my TTC “updates” since there isn’t really a lot to tell, but I like to keep a record of sorts and since I am certainly not charting anything at the moment, here goes. I used CBD Advanced opks this month since I got 2 – 10 packs of them on clearance for $4.99 each (usually like $32 each!!!). I never got a positive. Actually not really sure if I ever ovulated this month or if I just missed it. If I did, it was probably several days earlier than usual. I should know in a few days if AF comes early. Either way, I would say that we definitely missed the egg this month. Which sucks in terms of me taking shots when I don’t HAVE to and just the sucktasticness of “failing”. Not that we “failed” but if you have been through IF (and maybe even if not, I don’t know), you get what I mean. I am half-heartedly considering talking to DH about maybe trying some Gonal-F and TI in a few months. But I am not really sure I want to do that. At least not at this time. I still have that Male Fertility Home Test kit shoved in a drawer somewhere (the one I bought in November last year) and DH brought it up the other day and asked me if I still wanted him to take it. I still have major mixed feelings about that but he is ready to take it if I want him to. We’ll see….

Wow, I cannot end on that note. I’m not really as upset as that above paragraph sounds. I am actually fine (at this moment in time – ask me again in 10 minutes ;)) with letting things take their course. I really do want our family to grow. But I am also learning to just be content with things the way they are because I don’t want to complain against the plan God has for me. I am blessed to have these 2 beautiful boys and they are more than I could have ever dreamed of! I feel that our family is not complete, but I don’t know the future and I know I could be wrong. Either way, God has proven time and again that He is able and that He is faithful. Which I do realize that it is significantly easier for me to say this now than it would have been 3.5 years ago when we were deep in the throws of primary IF.

One last thing, my little DIY garden is producing now! We have an abundance of cucumbers and some yellow cherry tomatoes have started to ripen. We have also picked a couple green peppers. I am really happy with how the garden turned out and hope to add another bed next spring. 🙂 I seriously watered it maybe 3 times after I planted everything and I staked the tomato plants last week and that is all the maintenance it has required. LOVE! 🙂