I don’t quite know when it happened but my baby is a little boy now. I mean, he knows things. He knows how to do little things and copy us and say words and he’s just really smart!

He wants to talk and repeats anything we tell him to say and he is remembering more and more words. Most animals are still “chickies” or “chickens”, but dogs are “woof-woof” or “river” and he might have said “doggy” once, I can’t quite remember. And turtles are definitely called by the proper name. I think he tries to say “critter” when he points to the hamster but it sounds alot like “chickie”. He’s definitely saying “ti-ti” for critter. When Levi saw me come inside after I had been out for awhile, he started greeting me saying “Mommy!” It’s pretty much the cutest thing! He greets DH every day by saing “DADA!” because DH is Levi’s favorite person and always has been. That’s no secret. ;)In fact, when my sister asked Levi if Daddy is his favorite, Levi repeated the word favorite. I asked him if I’m his favorite and he said “fave”. Haha! Levi calls cups “baba” and frequently asks for the “boo”. He still says “no” and shakes his head so adorably. He also says shoe occasionally.

He points to everything and kisses everything. He loves to sniff feet and laugh about it. He’s silly like that. 🙂 Just like he tries to poke my belly button because he knows I can’t stand it and he’s so goofy and ornery that he does it just for the fun of it while he laughs so hard. Levi is always doing stuff to get a reaction from us. Like being silly and making sure we are watching and laughing. He laughs at himself a lot too which is so cute! He likes to blow raspberries on my belly when I pull up my shirt to nurse him, which is equal parts funny and awkward. Sometimes he kisses my belly/bra when he’s getting ready to nurse, which is also a bit awkward. Haha.

Nursing is happening a lot less now. He gets busy playing during the day and sometimes he goes all day after his morning session and forgets until bedtime. The other morning we were really busy getting ready to go to a party and it slipped my mind to nurse Levi since DH was getting him ready and it was about 2pm before I remembered that Levi hadn’t nursed that morning. Other days he will nurse just for comfort but I still only feel let downs in the morning and very very occasionally at night or otherwise. Oddly enough, even now the let-downs are still very forceful and leave him gulping. I know that he will be weaned soon and I am feeling better about that now. 🙂 Like it’s almost the right time.

What cracks me up is both of the boys love those fruit pouches (like go-go squeeze) and the other day I found some of the baby food fruities pouches marked down so I bought them and they gobbled them up. Levi, who HATED purees, suddenly is over *most* of his texture issues and loves even the baby food that he once refused. He eats really well now and I was just thinking today how he turned out to be the kid that can actually be entertained and distracted by snacks. He was not a good eater from 6.5 to 12ish months but he is definitely coming around now for the most part. I hope I don’t regret bragging on him now. 😉

His 15 month check up is coming right up and I’m excited to see what his stats are for weight and height. I know he’s grown alot taller! I had to weed out his drawers the other day. He looks so great in his shorts and cut off shirts. I love it! The butt rash flairs up from time to time but is healed most of the time. I am hoping it stays healed so he can go in the water when we visit the ocean on vacation. Otherwise, I’m sure the salt would sting a great deal. 😦

Dear God, thank You for the beautiful personality that Levi has. For his precious smile and laugh and for his silly sense of humor that he has always had. I love being his mommy and taking care of his needs. Thank You for the blessing of raising this special little person. Please continue to protect Levi and bless him with good health. In Jesus’ name, amen.





Cousin love. Levi loves to give hugs. ❤


Sometimes you just want to drive your tractor in your pj’s.


These curls…. I am not ready to cut them. 🙂

IMG_4511 - Copy

Toads are the best. 🙂

IMG_4547 - Copy

Chillin’ in the stroller… lucky baby.

IMG_4557 - Copy

Kisses from mommy make me smile.