My name is Critter and I don't hold still for pictures

Last Saturday we were running errands and I asked DH if we could stop by the pet store (which is the small town equivalent of going to the zoo) and he begrudgingly agreed. I think you can see why… Once inside, he pointed out a sign I had already noticed. But it’s his fault for pointing it out. “Free hamsters”. I forced myself to leave the store empty handed. No. That’s a lie. I asked the associate if the deal was I buy a cage and a hamster comes with it. Cause their cages are outrageous. That would be a deal-breaker. But no. They were seriously free, no strings attached as they were in dire need of decreasing their 300+ stock.

So, dodging DH, I asked Tru if he wanted to take a critter home. Tip:Always get a cute person to do your dirty work. To which he replied: “I want to take a critter home!!!!” repeatedly. The associate told me the females were almost certainly all pregnant so I checked my crazyometer and asked for a male. We grabbed a bag of food and Tru carried his (yes, it’s his!) little box containing a hamster out of the store…. After talking to the associate about Wild Kratts. 😉

Before we could drive literally across the street to buy an affordable cage, the booger had already chewed a hole in the box. Yes, I’m talking about the hamster. DH ended up covering over the hole with his hand while I made the maddest dash into the store to return with an oversize plastic container in lieu of a cage since they didn’t have a suitable cage after all. (Don’t worry, I bought one later with all the bells and whistles… and a wheel of course.) Desperate times, desperate measures and all that jazz.


Tru had to hold his critter while driving... and I promise, there were air holes!

So we got home and Tru said “This is a hamster!” I asked “What is his name?” And he said “This is a Critter.”

Let me tell you, this is a devoted Critter-loving boy! He feeds his baby before he goes to bed, even when he’s super tired from an exhausting day at Grandmom’s. I’m kicking my impulsive butt when I have to clean out the cage since Tru is obviously too young to do that. And DH has ruled that sensible people are free from hamster duty. But all in all, I like the little rat. Mostly.

In non rat news, I booked our vacation! It’s still a ways off but that’s half the fun – the anticipation. 🙂 Tru cried today because he wanted to go get sea shells. Explaining that our ocean adventure is weeks away, not to mention a car ride, flight and another car ride away did not fly with him. Pun intended. He tells me that “I wanna go on a plane and get crabs!!” …….


Sad because we aren't going on a plane and getting shells and starfish today

Aside from that fun, the yard work is keeping me busy this year! And I still have a ton to do. Most of the extra work is because DH has NO TIME whatsoever anymore to get anything done so it’s basically all on me. I don’t love it but it is what
it is.

Next up, tomorrow I’m planning to visit my sister and niece and then hit a few stores to buy Tru some shirts. This kid has had a growth spurt obviously. Everything is too short now.

Levi has starting saying more words now!! I’ve heard him say:
•woof woof
•baba – which seems to be his word for cup. I think he says it because Tru asks for bottles all the time!
I feel like I’m missing some… the other morning I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he ran into the kitchen and waited for me. He’s so smart! ❤