I know that some of you had been interested in reading about this… I had my visit with the hematologist today. FIrst off I’ll just say, she was lovely!! So sweet and compassionate. We talked like old friends about all sorts of things medical and just everyday life. She really took her time with me! She was very knowledgeable about MTHFR (she hadn’t understood what I was saying on the phone when we talked before, obviously) and straight away recognized that it was an issue for me. Since I am homozygous for 2 copies of c677t, I most likely inherited a copy from each of my parents. I thought that was interesting to find out. She said my younger sisters should all be tested before they TTC and go through all the problems that MTHFR can cause. It’s a 50/50 that they might have it as well.

I honestly don’t know what all this other stuff means but I have Cardiolipin Antibodies, my PTT LA is out of range (but do not have Lupus Anticoagulant), and my prothomibin time is out of range. She prescribed a low dose of Lovenox injections at 40mg/day along with continued 81mg aspirin. Full time. She commented on how great it was that my RE had tested me and discovered these problems as, not long ago, women would have been undiagnosed and left to believe that they “just weren’t meant to be a mother.” I thought it was so sweet of her to point that out.

Also, at that dose I don’t have to have my blood levels checked periodically unless I notice unusual bruising or bleeding. So that is super! She said we would try this for 3 months and if I want to continue, to call her.

She is also an Oncologist so hearing about the ultrasound for the gallbladder a couple weeks ago spiked her interests and she took a look at the report. Actually, I do have gallstones. I was told before that I didn’t. And she gave me the ok to try an at-home gallbladder cleanse since the stones are small. Not looking forward to that as it sounds no fun. But I do want to be in full working order. 😉

Today is CD 18 and I finally got a positive OPK. Pretty late in the cycle but Levi was conceived on CD 18. We’ll see what happens!! I hope all this will work out soon if it’s in the Lord’s will.