That’s what my dishwasher is doing. Ok, not really. I haven’t found the fountain of youth or anything. But my new dishwasher comes pretty close! DH and I haven’t had a dishwasher in 7ish years since we had our first apartment. Since then, we have been living like animals or something, washing our dishes with our actual hands. It’s bizarre, really.

All joking aside, a week and a half ago we decided to spring for a dishwasher and found a great one on sale! It was a bit more than I was wanting to pay but I was adamant that I wanted a dishwasher, not a dishrinser. The saleslady assured me that the one I wanted was going to be a good one. Better than the 2 cheaper ones which she said were also very nice. I was an easy sale. I’d say we looked for a total of 10 minutes and once she came to help us, it was no more than 3 minutes before we were sold. 😛

Anyway, I love it. My counters and sink stay clear allllll the time. Those dishes I didn’t have time to do before because the kids were needing me all day, are now tucked out of sight, waiting to be washed. All I have to do is pop in some soap once a day or so and unload a couple hours later or in the morning. Easy as that. On to other cleaning projects and spending more time with my babies. And it actually does wash very well. No rinsing required past the removal of chunks of food. That’s it.

Tell me again, why did we wait so long?