So, awhile back I made Levi an appointment with a pediatric allergist to try to determine what was causing his awful butt rash. Yesterday was his appointment and the Dr did a bunch of panels on his back, testing him for various food allergens. I also showed him Levis butt which is looking decent at the moment but was a bleeding disaster on Saturday.

The diagnosis? Levi is not allergic to a thing!!! The times the rash has cleared up while stopping dairy? Total coincidence. He’s fine to eat all the dairy, wheat, eggs, bananas, avocados, apples etc that he wants!!

So why is his butt a wreck? Atopic dermatitis. Which is extremely irritated by the normal amount of acid in his poop. Even when changed immediately, the acid burns his rash on it’s way out. I use store-brand Maalox (antacid) on his butt at almost every diaper change which helps minimally. And he has a very low acid diet already. No fruit juice and he isn’t a fan of much fruit at all.

The Dr said to expect him to get the rash other places like the folds of his elbows and knees and to expect the rash on his butt to continue getting infected with yeast and so on just due to the nature of it. He said we are treating it as best as we can already with the coconut oil, Maalox and so on. He also made a point to tell me several times that it’s nothing we have done or not done that is causing this rash. It just is what it is. He might outgrow it and once he potty trains, it should help his butt a lot.

Not what I was expecting to hear, but I’m soooo relieved! It’s going to open up his food options so much to be able to have dairy and so on. I’m used to not letting him have any dairy, so much so that I still bought him a plain hamburger with no cheese after his appointment. 😉 So that’s going to take some getting used to! As for the dermatitis, I know it’s common and I’ll have to be careful with his skin. We already use free/clear detergent and mild baby wash so I guess that’s good.