I know I say every month how much fun Truett is right now and how much smarter he gets everyday, but it’s all totally true! He keeps me very entertained with his antics and the things he says… Oh, the things he says! Like feeling the need to announce every fart “I fart!” or the “Baby poop?” question every time we get Levi up in the morning (because Levi poops like EVERY MORNING!). I never know what Tru is going to say and I imagine he will be embarrassing me in public soon so I better watch everything I say from now on even more carefully. 😉

His pronunciation of words is changing and becoming more correct now. For example, he went from saying “VV” for TV to “tevy” and now “TV”.

After a rather severe potty training regression that left me at my wits end and DH frustrated enough to put a diaper on Tru several times, we are now seeing a marked improvement. I am still wary of taking him in public sans pull-up but we have went back to having 0-1 or maybe 2 minor accidents a day. Truett is still not quite able to understand incentives like telling him I’ll buy him a toy train when he doesn’t pee in his underwear. I tried marshmallows a few times as a treat when he would go on the toilet but he seemed like it didn’t make a ton of sense to him and he wanted the marshmallows first. We are back to using stickers on a chart my sister made him when he goes on the toilet but even that is something he is only just now, weeks later, catching on to. Honestly, I think he was probably just hoping he could go back to diapers if he had accidents all the time and when that didn’t work out, he must have decided the toilet was more fun than having to get clothes changed all the time. Whatever. I just hope he will continue to be successful and become accident free again. Whenever I ask him if he has to go and he doesn’t need to, he tells me that his pee is “gone”.

It’s been fun finally getting to hear what is on his mind as his ability to talk and explain himself improves. He asks to “Go Granmom’s house?” and says “I wan call Granmom”. EVERY SINGLE TIME we run errands he asks for a burger or burger, fries and nuggies. He recognizes fast food restaurants and cries if I don’t turn in to any of them. He also asks for a cookie at the grocery store and isn’t happy if we don’t get one. Tru usually sits in the basket of the cart since Levi rides in the seat and lately Tru wants to open everything before I can get to the check-out. It makes shopping interesting. 😉 But not as interesting as the times I let him walk along beside me. (Yeah right!) Haha!

Truett has become so much better at sitting through church which is great because Levi has become a handful! I’m not saying I NEVER have to take him out now (HA!) but not so much as before and occasionally, not at all. As soon as we get to church, Tru wants to color. When other people’s kids come *sit* (yeah right!!) with us, Tru is much harder to handle and keep quiet. I am adamant that I want to Tru to sit beside me and play with the activities I bring and eat his snacks. I can’t stand it when people let their kids crawl all over the floor. Our church doesn’t have a nursery which is actually fine with me because I want my kids to learn to sit still for a service. I really don’t feel like that’s asking too much since I bring toys and snacks.

Ok, how did that become a speel on kids sitting through church?…. Anyway, Tru’s tantrums have decreased more and more and also, I’ve learned what sets him off and try to work around, avoid or distract him from those things. Some things can’t be avoided and I am still the only mom who has to rush her screaming 2.5 year old out of a kids birthday party not once, twice, or even three times but over and over and over again. I think Tru is very strong willed and I think he gets that from me. It’s not all bad and if it is carefully cultivated, that trait will serve him well in life. I am super happy though that we are making progress on cutting back the number of tantrums he has. When he gets really mad, he won’t look at me and acts like he can’t hear me even while I’m trying to help him. So that is rather frustrating for us both.

As I type this, Tru is putting candy wrappers in a cup and dumping them out on Levi’s head. They have been doing this for a good 10 minutes now. As long as they are both having fun with it, I’m happy. 🙂 They don’t always play so nice together but they are able to have fun together now more and more and with slightly less supervision. Tru still likes to take care of his “baby”. And that is still what he calls Levi. I think it’s really cute. Considering they aren’t far apart in size or age. 😉 They love to wrestle each other and have a bit of a rough playing style which is kind of hard to control. I foresee a lot of bumps and bruises…. but I also see a wonderful brother bond that came about almost the instant Tru first saw Levi when we brought him home from the hospital. And that bond continues to grow every day. They “talk” to each other allllll the time and it seems they both understand each other quite well. Tru asks Levi, “Baby play?” all the time which is…. seriously… melt my heart!!!

Tru tells me a lot “Mom, I tired. I wan go bed.” I’m not sure what to think of that because he will say it even early in the day when he hasn’t been up long. It kind of concerns me that he is tired so often. I plan to ask his Dr at his check-up. I wonder if maybe his iron is low again and it’s making him tired… ? He told me that at his friends birthday party the other day shortly after we got there and then said “I wan go home.” I thought that was a bit strange considering there was cake and treats and balloons everywhere. Eventually he did play.

He is also obsessed with weighing himself on my bathroom scale, although he has no idea what pounds are or what it means. He likes to step on the scale and usually he will say “6 pounds!” but after his *2 pounds* incident the other night, he started saying “2 pounds”. Then I’ll check the scale and say “You’re 28 and a half pounds!” 🙂 It makes him quite excited.

He says “yeah” a lot after I tell him stuff or “yes” and says “huh?’ constantly. When he likes something, he let’s me know “Mom! I yike a toys!” He has also developed a love of bugs (NOOOOOOOO!) just recently and had fun in the garden the other day looking for and holding worms and “baby” worms and holding a “baby” spider. He also played with clods of dirt which he called rocks at first and brought me a slim chuck once and told me it was a “Diasour bone, Mom!!” He is totally obsessed with Dinosaurs and for my 27th birthday, we took the boys to a museum and Tru was completely in love with each and every dinosaur. DH says maybe Tru will be an archeologist someday. 😛 It was really cute seeing how excited he was.

Truett is becoming more of a Daddy’s boy now than he ever was before. I think it’s because DH is really busy lately and we don’t get to see him as much now so Tru is always saying to go home and get daddy when we are out and about. When we are home and DH is gone, Tru asks me constantly “where daddy go?” I think it’s great that Tru is so loving towards his daddy and I hope that we all have lots of fun spending time together this summer. 🙂

Dear God, I ask that You will continue to watch over Tru and help us raise him properly. Thank You for Tru and for all the joy and love he brings to our family. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Tru loves to dress himself. He found these clothes while I was cleaning out the closet and picked out every bit of this outfit on his own.


It seems I have 2 Elmos now


Tru loves the sandbox and begs to play in it all the time.


Tru and Levi actually play together in the sand now.


This is another example of Tru dressing himself


Here he is reading with my sister. They are good little bookworms.