I have lots of nerves and lots of things get on them. I might tell you that you’re getting on my nerves; that’s a generalized statement. In truth, you may be getting on any one of my many types of nerves.

For example:

When I tell you that something is getting on my nerves, I’m just starting to get tiffed by it. I’m not really mad but if the annoyance isn’t resolved, I’ll be getting mad soon.

If you’re getting on my actual nerves, I’m probably not too mad just yet, but if you are wise, you will back off.

Sometimes my nerves are frayed. Like when I’ve had a bad day and I just need DH to come home and take over the house and children for a minute. It takes a lot for me to get frayed nerves but when it happens, I need rest… now.

Jangled nerves are usually when I get scared or surprised by something that really knocks me for a loop. It generally takes some time for me to get over having jangled nerves.

When my nerves are fried, I’m done. Just done. Don’t talk to me. It’s not safe. It’s pretty much the same as when I say my nerves are shot. But that happens when they’re jangled too.

If you get on my last nerve, you better just watch out!! You don’t want to go anywhere near that last nerve. Trust me.

You know, I don’t think I have any good nerves… nope.