This little guy turned ONE today! And ate a whole burger by himself. 😉 I want to post all about his party, which turned out great if I do say so myself, but I can’t just yet. We had a great time and little Levi was showered in love by his 53 (!!!) guests.

He is my totally kissalicious snuggle-nugget and I’m all kinds of emotional about my baby already being one. Mostly I’m thrilled. Seeing his personality develop is great! He is so fun. He’s fully into couch exploration now and even starting some tiny temper tantrums. Oops! He started out by throwing himself forward to the floor in slow-mo, silent mode with just the tiniest little pout/cry. He’s since started perfecting a scream that sounds shockingly familiar… not to mention any names…. Tru. 😉

He is becoming quite a handful in church as he wants DOWN! NOW! But he still has his time every evening when Daddy must hold Levi if he is home. Daddy is, and likely always will be Levi’s fave. I’ve learned to accept their sweet relationship and savor the snuggles I get while Daddy is gone. 😉 Levi loves to lay his head on our shoulders and cuddle. He likes mommy to kiss his face but not so much, his lips.

Levi is still a boob monster and pats my chest when he wants his “beeoob” aka “booby-booby” aka “beeboo”. He will also bump his head into my chest and just the last few days has started to assist in the shirt-lifting process. I nurse him sitting in my lap facing towards me a lot but he still picks at my face/neck area and it kind of drives me crazy. I’m working on making him stop…. I have no desire to wean him and as he nurses a good 6+ times a day, he doesn’t seem to want to wean either yet which suits me fine. 🙂 If I ask him if he wants a boob, he comes crawling as fast as he can.

Speaking of crawling, Levi had several days/weeks of taking lots of steps, even as many as 5 at a time. Then he kind of stopped and decided to perfect his standing up in the middle of the room skills. He’s done it a few times now. He loves to stand and push things and actually pushed a toy vacuum this evening and took a few steps with it! I think he will be walking soon. 🙂 He also cut his 8th tooth on the 16th!! He usually gets them 2 at a time just a few days apart.

Levi loves to say hi and wave hi and bye. He is becoming more purposeful in his jabbering and I think he is right on the brink of making consistent sounds for things. I LOVE his voice and have been wondering for months what he will sound like when talking. 🙂

I have thought several times today about his birth. It’s hard to believe that a year ago right now we were probably just going to sleep after being moved to our room. Our tiny newborn beside my bed. Me feeling all kinds of floaty from the blood-loss post hemorrhage but stilled THRILLED to have just delivered my second son! I was just so overwhelmed with love and joy. My heart still feels like it could explode with all the love I have for my little boys. I thank the Lord and give Him all the praise and glory. It is ONLY because of Him that I am a mother and that I have my sweet blessings. God is so good.

Dear God, thank You for the blessing of raising my sweet Levi this year. I am so thankful for the blessing of being his mommy. Thank You for the 21 months my body has carried him, inside and out, growing him and birthing and now raising him. God, I pray that I will never fail him as a mother. That I will always raise him to seek You FIRST, to do Your will, to bless others, to love, to be honest and faithful. Thank You for entrusting him to our care to raise. Please put a hedge of protection around Levi all the days of his life. Please bless him and sustain him. In Jesus’ name, amen.