I didn’t know I was on my 5th cycle TTC, or should I say, NTNP (not trying, not preventing) until I counted it up yesterday. My cycles have been really late every single month which has happened to me only a few times, maybe 5 in the last 13 years aside from now. But I stopped pumping 2 weeks ago when DH and the kids were sick. I was nursing Levi around the clock, didn’t have time or extra milk and wasn’t going to ask my body to try to make even more milk when I was already run down. I think all the pumping may have been the thing holding my cycles so far apart. I was pumping 10-13ish ounces a day and that may have been just enough extra to cause the delay. Or maybe not. We’ll never know. All I know is I went from 36-39 days apart to 33 days apart. Only 3ish days late. I’m guessing my next AF will be right on time. I’m just glad things are evening out and I won’t have to take a negative test every few days because I’m late. It’s not like I look forward to AF or anything and being late has it’s perks FOR SURE, but false hope is a cruel thing and that’s what these late cycles have been doing to me.