My sweet squishy little newborn has turned into a toddler, seemingly overnight! He is starting to have a vocabulary, just cut his 7th tooth with an 8th right below the surface, and is taking steps now! Usually one or 2 steps at a time but yesterday he took 3. He wants nothing more than to be able to do everything his big brother does and watches Tru with great interest and tries so hard to mimic him at everything. Playing, talking, walking, eating etc.

Daddy is still his number 1 favorite person which makes mommy a bit jealous still but I am happy and thankful for their bond. If daddy leaves the room, Levi has quite the meltdown and had decided the best way to stay close to daddy is to make daddy hold him at all times. I see him starting to outgrow this the last couple weeks as he becomes more and more independent and interested in practicing his walking skills. He crawls super fast but I think he will be a full-fledged walker before or shortly after his birthday. Which is less than 2 weeks away!!

Tru still calls Levi “Baby” and I think it’s just too precious. Occasionally he will call Levi “Vavie” still. Every morning Tru can’t wait to get “baby” out of bed if Levi isn’t up first. Then I nurse Levi while Tru asks “Baby nurse?” Once Levi pulls off, Tru asks “Baby done?”. Once we decide that Levi is done nursing, Tru tells him “Baby, come play toys!!” and they set out on their house demolishing, toy playing adventures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are close in age. It may be hard in the beginning to have 2 close together, but it’s what I always wanted and didn’t think would be possible for me given our history. But I’m so thankful God worked it out this way. Watching these brothers play is so beautiful!

Levi started waving and saying “hi” about a month ago. He sounds so adorable saying an actual word. He’s never been a very vocal baby (aside from crying) so hearing him make little words is precious. He will occasionally say “dada” and I think he knows who he is talking about. He doesn’t say “mama” much anymore although he started saying that around 6 months. He waved bye to my mom the other day, looking at her but waving in the wrong direction. Melt my heart!! When he waves, it’s usually with his palm facing towards him instead of out which is also adorable. Pretty much everything he does is adorable, ok?

His hair is getting so long now and is curling in the back. It’s grown way over his ears but I just can’t bring myself to cut the fuzzy mess just yet. I’m thinking maybe I will after his birthday. Speaking of which, his birthday party is just 11 days away!! I need to get started picking up party supplies.

Levi has started waking up earlier and earlier and now is getting up around 7:30am, ready to go for the day! This is quite a change from the 9:30-10:30am wake up I am used to him doing. It’s a bit of a challenge for me because I had a good routine going of getting stuff done in the morning before the kids wake up. And now that time has vanished. I hope he will get back on his normal routine soon as it just flows better and makes sense since he goes to bed around 9:15-10:00pm, so he has a relatively late bedtime to begin with. He usually takes a nap around 1:30pm and another around 4-5:00pm if he needs it.

Mommy did a bad thing and let Levi eat ice cream. He loved it and it was so adorable watching him enjoy it. What is not so adorable is the severe diaper rash he broke out in the next day. Blistered and peeling. I feel so terrible! It wasn’t that much ice cream and I honestly just didn’t even think about it, but I certainly know now that dairy is 100% the problem with his rash. His butt was actually fully healed with only a faint splotch along the waist line. Poor little guy. We are back to using our plethora of butt creams and banishing all dairy. I am learning what foods he likes and which things he is more picky about. He doesn’t like much fruit aside from fruit pouches and bananas. Meats are usually good, cooked vegis are usually good and he loves toast. He also likes avocados.

Levi actually knows how to color now! I keep feeling like he’s still a baby and shouldn’t be doing this stuff yet but then I remember, he’s almost 1! I just don’t know how a year could go by like that… Anyway, we were sitting in church and Tru was coloring like he always does and Levi got super fidgety and was trying to grab a crayon. I gave him one but was eyeing him, sure he was just going to stick in his mouth and try to eat it (he did eventually taste it) but no! He reached over and started coloring on Tru’s paper! I was so surprised and proud of him.

Dear God, I am so thrilled to be watching my little baby grow into this little boy. He has learned so much which I thank You for. Please continue to watch over him and bless him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

written 3-8-16


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