After my last whiny post, I got myself together and did some cleaning and it felt great! I also determined that all was not going to be lost and DH would get something besides a potato for his birthday, so I whipped him up an oven omelet, biscuits, gravy, bacon and a Texas sheet cake. I also decided to eat something besides toast and had a bit of dinner with him. Then DH went to bed early and I stayed up and cleaned some more. 🙂 I feel so much better today just having so much cleaning done. I still have to shampoo carpets and am hoping to do that after the boys go to bed tonight so it can dry overnight. I am in desperate need of getting out of the house so I hope no one will show any more signs of being sick and we can go to church this weekend.

Also, after just 3 days of using the coconut oil/grapefruit seed extract on Levi’s ringworm, it is faded out and almost gone this morning! I have one spot of it on my arm and it is skin color again today and almost gone as well. So that is great news. I don’t know where we got it but hopefully it fully goes away soon and that can be over with as well.

Annnnd, I got Levi’s birthday invitations filled out this morning and mailed! I am so excited to have his party. I invited somewhere around 50 people, of course, you have to remember that you are always lucky to get about half as many as you invite to come out. Especially being the weekend before Easter. I am looking forward to his cake smash and am going to see if one of my more creative siblings can make him a cardboard rocket-ship to sit in. I don’t think I have the skillz but I know they do. 😉 The menu will probably be the same as I did for Tru’s 1st birthday because it’s easy and affordable and everyone likes it. Subs, chicken salad on croissants, chips, pasta salad, maybe a fruit salad or some other type of casserole (suggestions?), water, tea, coffee, and of course, cupcakes!!! With Levi having his own personal smash cake. 🙂 I love planning parties! Seriously, it’s so fun! 🙂

DH is getting off work early today after weeks of being on mandatory overtime so I’m hoping we can have a fun evening and maybe watch a movie or something and snuggle our no longer sick babies.

Oh! I also wanted to add that after eliminating dairy and wheat, Levi’s butt cleared up almost completely within just a couple days. I have been letting him have wheat again (hello, crackers and toast!) and it is still about 95% clear. The rash that is there is super faint and certainly not sore or anything. The yeast is gone although I still treat it daily with the coconut oil/GSE/probiotic paste I made to keep the bad guys in check. So I think the culprit is dairy which is unfortunate but something he should outgrow within the next few months. I also started him on a digestive enzyme supplement to help him tolerate the bits of dairy he will still get in foods (like the milk in bread 😉 ) and that seems to be helping him. So I’m super happy about that. Just happy to finally have an answer and an easy solution! After all that money on butt creams! Which I’m sure will still be helpful for the odd bit of redness that babies get from time to time. Thank you to everyone who gave us suggestions and encouragement. 🙂

And one last thing, I gave Tru his bottle back for now, which I’m glad I did since he ended up sick, but he is only taking it once or twice a day and actually isn’t nearly as excited about it as he used to be. I think once he got it back, he realized it wasn’t that great after all. So I think we will have success taking it away for good soon. He is actually drinking out of his cup right now. 🙂 And he also asks me for ice cream in his water everyday. He means ice cubes but it’s cute so I’m not correcting him just yet. 😉