I was all set to write an upbeat post yesterday highlighting the fact that everyone was beginning to feel better and I was ready to reclaim my house and maybe even shampoo the multiple barfs off the carpet that so far have not been cleaned much past a spot cleaning. Yeah, anyway… Nobody has the stomach to eat much yet besides a few noodles, crackers, toast or bites of baked potato, but things were looking up. But I didn’t write that update, poor you. Poor us! This morning, Tru started with terrible diarrhea. After not throwing up for 4 days. What in the world????? He is still laying around the house and won’t eat more than a bite of anything. He asks for all the food (including coffee – What???) but once you give it to him, he won’t eat it. Neither will Levi, although he’s nursing a ton. It seems we have the virus that never ends. I have been queasy this whole time and keep hoping and praying (!!!) I dodge the barfing myself. (I’m not going to lie, I am close to having a panic attack about it. I have a serious case of barfaphobia which it turns out, actually is a thing – with a much more scientific name of course.) I already called my family Dr’s office and asked for a script for Zofran (anti-nausea med) – which of course, they wouldn’t give me. To top it all off, the baby has ringworm (?!?!?!?!?) and it’s freaking cold outside so I can’t even air the house out to get rid of all the gross smells going on in here. My sweet “little” sister called today and asked if we need a delivery of anything and as much as I hate to put her out, we need more noodles and crackers since that’s all anyone can stomach the thought of. Oh yeah… today is also DH’s birthday. I asked him yesterday what he wanted for his birthday dinner to which he replied “A potato.” I had hoped to make it special (his birthday, not the potato) – decorate the kitchen, make him a cake (German chocolate), get him a nice card, contemplate pretending to be sexy (??TMI??) … That’s not happening today! I know, I know, this is a seriously whiny, whoa is me post. But I was so hoping we could be better by now! Better BEFORE now actually. I don’t know why this is dragging on so badly but all we can do is keep praying for it to pass soon (Please God!) and keep washing out the gross laundry in the meantime. I promise, there are actually a lot of cute things happening around here and with any “luck”, I’ll get to write updates on the kids soon. Until later, Cleaning Up Diarrhea