Because you want to hear all about our barfing… I need to get it off my chest. And also ask for more prayers! I have had just about enough of this sickness! But it’s not all over just yet. DH threw up between 15-20 times yesterday in about 9+ hours. Tru threw up about 15 times from 5:45pm when he woke up from a nap, until about midnight. Levi, whom I thought was done with being sick since he hadn’t thrown up in almost 48 hours, threw up again last night all down my body. Head to tow. Literally, even on my face/lip. I ended up being thrown up on multiple times yesterday. It was so fun – NOT! Poor little guys. And Levi continued the diarrhea into today as well so he is on day 3! I nursed him throughout the night a few times and all morning to keep him hydrated. I tried to convince DH to go to the ER last night for some fluids and anti-nausea meds but he wouldn’t. Tru kept throwing up whether I let him drink between or not so I did let him take sips of water or breastmilk a few times. My mom ended up going to get us a variety of rehydration drinks, soup, jello, tea etc in the middle of the night. Bless her! I moved the spare bed mattress to the family room and covered the top part in bath towels so I could peel off a layer when needed… Poor Tru. Throwing up was so traumatizing for him over and over and over. I slept on the mattress with the boys while DH suffered alone in our room. I’ve thrown in 5 loads of laundry last night and this morning trying to get caught up on all the grossness. I still have another load to go. So today DH and Levi are still having yucky stuff going on. Tru seems really tired but somewhat better. I am queasy and terrified. I hate throwing up more than almost anything. Absolutely hate it. Hate.It.