So, I have a bit of a situation. Since switching Tru from the bottle for his milk to the sippy cup for both milk and water, he has lost 2-3 pounds. Pounds which he gained, I believe, because of the breastmilk I was giving him 3+ times a day in his bottle which he chugged right down with no problems. He has been without bottle for almost a month and he still asks for them even though I don’t give them to him at all. I bought him several different kinds of cups… that’s an understatement really. He has a ton of different cups, including the exciting new “Elmo” cup I bought him last week. Soft spout, hard spout, straw, 360 – None of them encourage him to drink his milk any better. I have resorted to making him sit on the couch and drink his milk, but he almost NEVER finishes it and we waste quite a bit of breastmilk which is super not cool. Anyway, Tru was slow to gain weight in the months leading up to having Levi but once Levi was born and I started pumping for Tru, he gained about 8 pounds in 10 months. That was fantastic! He was a great weight and didn’t have any weight to spare. I can see that he lost weight in his face now. So, I’m at a crossroads right now… Do I just give him his milk in the bottle again – I mean, it’s only 3 times a day for a few minutes per time and he gets the calories and milk he needs so he can gain weight and be healthy – or, do I push forward with the socially accepted cups sine he is obviously wayyyyy too old to be taking a bottle, and just hope that he will start drinking his milk from the cups eventually and not lose any more weight? What would you do?