My poor little boys are sick with a cold of sorts. Tru-Tru woke up about an hour after going to bed, crying and saying his throat hurts. 😦 I took his temperature since he felt hot although he hadn’t been hot earlier and it was 102.7. I gave him infant pain reliever, cold breast milk and held him till he fell asleep again. He’s sleeping with daddy now for the first time in a year. He will only fall asleep in our bed if he’s sick so you know he really feels bad when he actually goes to sleep in there.

Levi came down with a hoarse cough and runny nose 4 days ago and still has it mildly although he seemed almost better for 1 day. I think his throat was sore the first day but he didn’t have a fever. I keep hearing him cough in the night and it always worries me.

My throat has been sore since last night. Just hoping we will be over this soon. It’s always sad having sick babies and not knowing how they caught it and if it could have been avoided. :/