Well, time has been getting away from me without posting a real update! I have been making an effort to go to bed earlier which means goodbye blogging time since I usually type my updates at night when everyone is quiet. Levi is currently trying to grab the laptop away from me while I write so this may very well be choppy and all over the place. πŸ˜‰

Can you believe that Levi is just a month and a half from his first birthday? How in the world??? I am trying to plan a first birthday party and figure out who to invite. I’m planning to keep it simple and small like Truett’s first birthday. I’m so excited for my baby to be 1 and at the same time, I feel a little sad looking at his baby pictures and realizing that he’s not that baby anymore, he’s a toddler now! Almost.

I think I don’t give Levi enough credit for how smart he is. I look back on what Tru was doing around this age and it’s hard to not think “Wow, Tru was so much farther ahead.” I know that sounds bad but bear with me…. It’s not that Levi isn’t that smart or that far ahead with his skills, it’s just he’s the baby and I’m sure I’ve been subconsciously avoiding the fact that he’s gotten so big so fast. I have been noticing Levi do things more now that surprise me at how much he really does know and how much he’s watching us. For example, I have seen him try to plug things into the wall outlets. Scary, I know!! I had no idea he was watching me plug things in. And my sister and DH both informed me that Levi likes to get Tru in trouble. I started paying more attention to what is happening when Levi screams about Tru bothering him and that little booger really does appear to be intentional about getting Tru reprimanded. Duly noted!! Of course, Tru gives him good reason as the sibling rivalry has definitely hit – pun intended. Also, Tru likes to put his foot in Levi’s face while we are driving places which drives all of us crazy as Levi screams, I get Tru in trouble, he screams, repeat…. : /

Anyhow, Levi walks all along the furniture now and lets go from time to time to stand there. I think he may be walking soon. I know he would prefer it to crawling although he crawls super fast!! I don’t know that many babies can crawl as fast as Levi. He is certainly on a mission and must keep up with his brother.

I noticed another tooth has come in making the tooth count an even 6 but I expect another will break the surface any day as there is so much white showing, I actually thought tooth number 7 was through until I felt his gums with my finger.Β  πŸ™‚

Nursing is Levi’s favorite thing right now. Such a difference from Tru who had weaned by now. Usually he nurses around 6+ times a day. I don’t know who long we will continue but I have no problem nursing him until he is well past 1 unless he wants to stop. I may do a separate post on that… Levi is still not a fan of eating much at all. Except yogurt. He would eat his weight in yogurt if we let him. I have been throwing whatever we are having in the blender for him and getting it at least partially ground up so he will eat more than the little bit he will spend an hour self feeding. Some days he’s happy with that but other days he refuses to eat anything that isn’t chunks and pieces. At this point he is definitely old enough to self feed it’s just the quantity of food isn’t were it should be and it shows in his lack of weight gain. Thankfully he had baby fat to spare but now that he’s slimmed down so much, I really don’t want him trying to live off the last of his baby weight. I just really want him to eat!! Ah well, this is just one of those things with a picky eater I guess.

I’ve always noticed that Levi is pretty quiet. He doesn’t babble a whole lot but what he says is very purposeful and consistent. He will say the same “BA”, “HAAA”, “MA” Β with a short “a” sound throughout the day and likes to make little sounds like he’s singing. But he never hit the stage where babies babble all day. He cries plenty though! πŸ˜‰ He loves to dance to music and cries during the 2 second pause between songs on the radio or a cd. Especially in the car! You cannot turn off the jams or both boys have a meltdown!!

Levi is very over baby toys so I packed them all away after Christmas and he happily plays with all the same toys as Tru now. It’s funny to watch them play with things in their own way. Tru is very purposeful while Levi still wants to taste everything, pick at it, bang on it and push it across the floor. I love watching them play both separately and together.

I keep getting told that Levi needs a hair cut but I’m just not ready to cut off those cute little curls! I plan to let it go awhile longer. πŸ˜‰ I love to hold him and just breath in the sweet smell of his little baby hair.

Once in awhile I take the luxury of holding him through a nap although now that he sleeps in his bed for naps, he’s not as comfortable being held often times. He sleeps through the night fine with his blackout curtain and seldom cries much if at all when I lay him down at night. I am so happy!!!

Levi has had a stubborn diaper rash for the last couple months that nothing will clear up. It’s actually on his man-marbles and right were the diaper lays across his stomach. I have been using Nystatin and ointment on it twice a day for 8 days now but it’s still there. It all started when he got a chemical burn from a new brand of diapers we tried. He never had a bad rash before and had no rash at the time but after wearing that diaper for a few hours, he actually blistered! It was awful. 😦

This is getting too long. Picture time!!


Working so hard in the kitchen


This is what I do while Mommy is in the shower


“Helping” mommy with the laundry


Sweet baby fingers


And sweet baby toes


His tiny little thumb!


His little smile makes my day


He’s getting curls in the back


So goofy!

Dear God, Thank You so much for the growth and progress Levi is making on this road to growing up. It’s such a blessing and a privilege to watch him grow into the little boy that You have created. In Jesus’ name, amen.