Temporarily, I hope. Although my parents and siblings have so generously opened their home to us, I miss my own kitchen and not living out of bags. Also, having the kids separated in their rooms so they don’t keep each other up.

See, our septic backwashed into the house and filled the tubs and shower. Nothing would go down and it was so gross!! I was babysitting my niece and nephew at the time and as soon as their parents got there, I left. I texted DH “I’m moving out!”, packed our things and showed up at my parents. Peeing out in the snow in clear view of our neighbors once was enough fun for me!

DH came home from work and couldn’t get anything to move through so he packed his stuff and came to my parents as well. He had to take a personal day today to work on it  My poor dad is there now too as well as my brother. This is the second time this has happened in the last few months with this time being most severe. Last time water would still go down, albeit slowly. This time all my dishwater had backed up into the tubs and toilets when I discovered the severity of the problem. It was draining from the sink and coming up all the other drains. If I had run just a little more water it would have flooded onto our floors and *gasp* my carpet. If that had happened, so help me!!

As it is, the new $47 humidifier I bought was sitting in the tub to be refilled; it was refilled alright! With poop backwash water. The motor was ruined.

This comes 2 days after our water finally thawed out after being frozen for a couple days. Second time our pipes have frozen this stupid winter and DH has insulated it all he can. Heat tape under pipe insulators with regular insulation and a blanket. We even have straw insulating the ground over the outdoor portion of pipe. I’m at my wits end about it all. The inconvenience and having to take showers at our parent’s houses and bring home water jugs…. coupled with the cost of having to fix the septic lines now…. I’ve been in a bad mood about it all and haven’t been inspired to write because winter is so annoying that it sucks the fun out of everything.

Oh, and out heat pump is still broken. Still running on emergency heat, for now. No idea when that will be fixed. The HVAC guys can’t get to it yet.

On a good note…. I do have at least 2 giveaways planned once I can inhabit my house again and, I don’t know, wash my hands etc. So stay tuned for that. Sorry for complaining but if I can’t whine on my own blog….. poor DH.