Tru.. this kid is hilarious! He’s one compact little bundle of personality and hyperactivity as 2 years olds are. He loves to talk! I don’t understand everything he says but I can make most of it out. He jabbers on in long sentences which are becoming increasingly more real words and less of his own made up words. He pronounces stuff so funny but is getting better and better at it every day.  Some of his pronunciations are:

  • cwow – cow, he is getting better at this one
  • fock, fockoh – frog, sometimes he says it correctly
  • hi cher – highchair
  • saucing – Austin, his cousin
  • vv remotes, remope – tv remote
  • MONter – monster
  • scawee – scary, he saw a surge protector the other day at the store and told me it was scary. I looked at it and realized he thought it was scary because the holes look like a face with the mouth open!
  • cope – coat, he says it right sometimes now
  • pi whoa – pillow
  • socks – fox, he cannot get this one right and it cracks me up! “Wook, mom! See!? Socks!”

He recognizes that things come in different sizes. Like saying “Mom, big baba.” “Big boy.” He was building towers out of large legos the other day and my mom said “Two towers!” Tru reached behind him and pulled out another stack of blocks and set it next to the others and said “Three towers!” His counting skills are just beginning! I also heard him counting his books saying “Seven, eight…”

He is very proud of his tower building abilities. He was beaming with pride when he first figured out how to make towers. I was telling him that it was a good tower and a good job. He is always telling me “Wook mom! Watch!” He also tells me almost every time we sit down to eat something. “Good, Mom.”

I was impressed the other day when he pointed to a “T” on his shirt and told me that is was a “T”! He learned that from my sisters showing him refrigerator magnets. He can easily point to the letter t now and I think he is starting to catch on to others as well. I have flash cards that I made when he was just one but he couldn’t keep concentration to watch them back them but I’m thinking now he will be able to.

Tru is still an iffy eater. He is game for trying just about anything now and there isn’t much food he doesn’t like but I see a bit more pickiness than before. His main problem is he just wants to eat a few bites and be done. He is gaining weight though and outgrowing his clothes so it must be enough. He likes yogurt a lot and fruit of pretty much any variety. I will hit the drive through with him when we are out doing errands and he always asks for “nuggies”and occasionally “fries and nuggies”. And then wants my sandwich after he sees it. 😛 He does still take a bottle. I know, I know… bad mommy. But frankly, it’s not like he carries one around all the time. It’s more of a first thing in the morning, again in the afternoon, maybe in the evening and before bed. It is the only way he consistently drinks all of his milk. That’s more important to me than having him off the bottle. He gets his water in his cup.

We don’t do naps much anymore. If he does take one it’s usually late in the afternoon and I have to be careful he doesn’t sleep too late. By evening he is always melting down without a nap but when I lay him down for naps, more and more often he just sits in his bed and talks to himself and plays. Which isn’t all bad – at least he’s getting quiet time. But I’m taking advantage of his need for quiet in the afternoon to try and get more cuddle time in. He will sit with me and watch “Geory” (Curious George) and get rest that way now and then throughout the day. He has gotten so much better at snuggles lately! I am so happy. We got the boys “Olive, The Other Reindeer” for Christmas and Tru asks all the time to “Nuggle on cowp, corns, goggy on vv.” (Snuggle on the couch with popcorn and watch the doggy on the tv.) We’ve seen that movie a few too many times!

I was starting to wonder if Tru would ever learn to say thank you then out of the blue he started saying it on his own with no prompting. “Dank ew, mom.” I also have to kiss every single owie. “I hurch. Kiss.” I ended up kissing his knee twice in the checkout lane at the grocery the other day. 😉

This is getting pretty long. It’s hard to fit 2 months of this boy’s busy and action packed life into just a few paragraphs. There is so much I want to remember and so much I know I’ll forget. It makes me sad just how much I’ll forget and have forgotten already. I’m always thinking “I need to write that down!” and before I get a chance, it’s gone. 😦 But I’m thankful for as much as I have gotten to record! Now to get around to printing it all off into a book for each boy with their own updates!!

Dear God, I am so happy raising this precious little boy! He fills my heart with so much love. I am amazed time and again at the miracle You created and the blessing You gave me by letting me carry Tru and raise him. I pray that I will always raise him right and never fail him as a mother. I pray that I will raise him to love You with all his heart, soul and strength and know that it is only because of Your grace and mercy that he is here. In Jesus’ name, amen.



We made gingerbread men the other day.


Tru broke the legs off his before decorating it. 


He had fun helping me apply the decorations. 


This guy was mine. 


Then we traded cookies and ate them. 


Sleeping on his new favorite dino “pi whoa” case he got for Christmas from Great Grandma. 


Snuggles on the couch in his adorable robe. 


Playing with his Elmo books. 


Such a goofy ball of energy. 


But he has a serious side too. 😉 


I love this picture! 🙂