There’s not a whole lot new with my little nugget this week. He has a tooth that is just about to break the surface any day now. He has only bit me once in the last few weeks so I’m hoping we are done with the biting phase. His teeth do make impressions in my boob while he’s nursing and the other day I noticed that his teeth had even broken through the skin near my nipple while just nursing normally. :0 I didn’t feel it at the time but it was sore later! I am just in no way wanting to wean him yet and the feeling is mutual with him. So unlike Tru who weaned himself when he was just a couple weeks older than Levi is. I certainly would have been happy to nurse him longer but I wasn’t going to force the issue as I was pregnant with Levi by then and had mostly lost my milk.

I’ve seen him let go of whatever he is holding onto and stand there for a couple seconds a few times. Usually if he has something in his hands, he is more brave. Yesterday he was putting his butt in the air and pushing up on his feet and hands like he was going to try to stand. I’m wondering if he will be an early walker.

Levi is usually down to 1 *long* nap a day. It ranges from 1-3 hours. He generally goes down around 12-1pm. He will often fall asleep nursing in the evening and sleep in my arms for a short nap. If it goes too long though he has a hard time going to bed so I try to keep it short. After months and months of him going to bed at 10:30 to 11pm or even later, the last month or so he has switched to going to bed around 9:30 which works out great with Tru going to bed around 9. Levi has consistently been my earlier riser but I hung blackout drapes in his room 3 days ago and he sleep late the last 3 mornings. Like till around 10-11am!! And he slept through the night aside from maybe waking to fuss for 1-2 minutes! That is huge improvement from the 2-3 wakings he was having. A well rested baby is a happy baby. He absolutely cannot sleep if I put him in bed with me when he wakes in the night. He tosses and turns and sighs audible sighs of frustration. If I put him in the pack and play in our room, he cries. So the only place he seems to get good rest is in his own room although he still CIO at night sometimes for whatever reason. I’m starting to think that’s his way of winding down. He will even cry if I hold him while he’s trying to go to sleep. I bought a video monitor to put in his room since Tru still uses his. It hasn’t come in the mail yet but I’m hoping it will be nice. It was an open box steal at just $29! Those things are NOT CHEAP!

I caught Levi talking on a lego a few weeks ago. I thought, “No way. He couldn’t possibly be pretending to talk on the phone yet.” Then a few days later, he was holding the remote to his ear but I still thought “Nah.” Then a few days after Christmas, he was playing with a toy phone he got and he was holding it to his ear, albeit backwards. So yeah, he must be for real starting to mimic the things he sees us doing and that includes such things as talking on the phone. 🙂

He is finally making the “dada” sounds. I think he might be intentional in it as he has said “ma” sounds when he cries since he was probably all of 6 months old.(Even his Pediatrician agreed with me. ;))The times I notice him saying “dada” is usually when DH is around. That’s rather exciting! He is definitely Daddy’s boy! He prefers DH so much of the time it actually hurt my feelings at first. But Tru usually prefers me so it all works out. If Levi wants a boob of course, no one but mommy will do (obviously) but the rest of the time, he will actually cry for daddy even while I’m holding him! No doubt that makes DH feel pretty special. 😉

Dear God, these days are so special and they go by so fast. I pray that each day we will do Your will and bring glory to You. I pray that You will protect our children and help them to continue growing healthy and well. In Jesus’ name, amen.


That little face is such a blessing to wake up to. 🙂 


The gap in his top front teeth keeps getting wider. I think it’s adorable. 



I love those blue eyes. 


We had a hard time doing 9 month pictures with a very squirmy, overtired boy. 


For a minute things got pretty sad. We had to break for a boob. 😉 


Snuggles on the couch with my baby.


I seriously didn’t tell them to smile. They just looked up and saw me taking pictures and this is what I got. 


He’s a model.


He always sleeps with his arms tucked under him just like Tru used to.