*I found this in my computer but I don’t think it ever was posted. I feel like Truett has already grown up a ton more since then! 


I feel like Tru is growing into a full-fledged kid all of a sudden. Like I can talk to him and he actually gets most of what I’m saying. He follows simple instructions very easily and well. “Bring Levi a toy, please.” “Put your shoes on.” And he watches every little thing I do. He tried to turn the TV off when we were leaving the house today by using the button on the side of the TV because that’s how I usually turn it off when we are leaving. He looked at me the other day when we were watching cartoons because he knows I aways turn the channel when Abby’s.Flying.Fairy. School comes on (as if Sesame.Street isn’t already annoying enough!). He asks for certain foods by name and gets in and out of his high chair and even sits at the table on his own sometimes. He is super observant.

I love how it feels like he is my little buddy now and we can actually do things together with him understanding the purpose of what we are doing. Like making crafts or food. He loves to “cu-ee” (color) with his “creens” (crayons). I have noticed that he starts most of his words with a strong H sound. But not always, just for emphasis a lot of the time. Like “h-out!” And he will end words with the ‘uh’ sound a lot of the time. Or ‘e’. This has resulted in him calling water “Hawaii” for the last couple months even before we went to Hawaii which just makes it even funnier. He will say things like “h-baby-uh”, but only when he is emphasizing the word. I think it’s so cute.

He has been asking for the last couple weeks for us to “HOME!!” with his little arms up-stretched which is actually him saying “Hold me!”. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying this new phase of him letting us hold him again and actually requesting it! It’s still only for short little minutes here and there but it sure beats him always being too busy to be held at all!

Tru had his 2 year check-up on the 6th of Oct and his stats are: Height, 36.25″ in the 90th percentile, Weight, 27lbs 11oz in the 50th, and Head circumference 49.5cm in the 50th which is actually the smallest percentile it has ever been. His head only grew a half cm in 6 months and dropped from 90th to 50th. To say that didn’t worry me a little would be a lie but his pedi didn’t seem concerned so I am taking that to mean it’s normal. Also, his iron was tested and it came back at 12.4 which is great and is the highest it has been in probably close to a year! I am very happy it is finally were it should be. He is still taking Poly-Vi-Sol to help with that. His lead level was tested and I never got the results. I am assuming it was normal. Altogether, His pedi was happy with his growth and speech etc. 🙂

I feel like Tru is starting to understand sharing and trading. He has started trading toys with Levi. He also trades toys with my niece when they play together. They are not the best at sharing and taking turns just yet. 😉 That will probably take a bit longer.

This sweet boy loves to be outside and I feel bad that I didn’t have him out even more this summer! Now that it’s getting cold, he probably won’t want to be out for such long periods of time. It’s crazy how fast he takes off out there. I have to be on high alert every second. If I so much as turn for 10 seconds, he is already running away! He is starting to master his peddle tractor all on his own which is so adorable.

I look at Tru all the time and just can’t get over how cute he is! Seriously, I’m not trying to brag, he just looks like such a little man running around. He looks just like his Dad, that’s what it is and we all know I think his Dad is cute! 😉

Well, this is getting long… there’s just so much to say, so much I want to remember. I wish I could freeze frame life. So much joy in watching this kid grow!

Dear God, I am so blessed and honored to be Truett’s Mommy and to watch him as he learns and grows. I pray that You will protect him in his life and continue to bless him. In Jesus’ name, amen.