Ecutri at I beat Infertility… Now what? wrote this adorable post.
I thought it was so sweet, I decided to steal the idea from her. 😉 Go check it out!!

It really IS the simple things that make our little ones so happy. I remember my mom always telling a story about one of us kids only being interested in the box our gift came in versus the actual gift itself. So true! My babies are the same. The simple joys! 🙂

If they could tell me what they want for Christmas, I think Levi would say he wants:

1. To be allowed to play with all the things in the kitchen drawers. Despite the childproof locks that one of the boys actually broke!
2. To bite us without us yelling at him.
3. To sleep in our bed all night, every night with unlimited boob access.
4. More boob.
5. To pull out every wet wipe and eat them.
6. To catch the dog and snuggle/bite him.
7. No more diaper changes!!
8. To stay nakie.
9. For daddy to NEVER leave the room.
10. The remote. And the batteries inside it.


The drawer they broke the lock on. Gotta have those plastic bags!

Truett would/does ask for:
1. Cartoons to be on ALLL day. No commercials.
2. To play outside even in the dark.
3. To be allowed to sit on Levi. Because, seriously!
4. For daddy to NEVER leave the room. See a pattern here? I try not to be offended.
5. To be allowed to use crayons on ALL the things.
6. To push the cart in the grocery store. Not ride in it. Riding is for BABIES!
7. To drink out of the big glasses with big ice cubes.
8. To catch the dog and hug him. And possibly pull his ears off. To be fair, the dog has huge ears!
9. To always help mommy cook! Hoping this one continues!!
10. To wash the dishes and play with the bubbles. Also, super awesome if this continues! 😉


Unlimited access to stickers probably would make the list as well.


I want to hear what your littles want as well!