Y’all, I’ve really dropped the ball on blogging. It’s sad. I haven’t blogged in weeks. I know I have left my mass of fans sobbing in sadness at my neglect and lack of wisdom imparting. All 2 of you. And I’m sorry, I really am. It’s the darn lack of internet! I have a billion things I want to write about – recipes I’ve been making, a ladies spa day I hosted, getting ready for Christmas, TTC lack of update, updates on the boys, sappy sentimental posts…. but not having internet on the computer makes it infinitely harder to post. However, DH and I were talking this evening and we have decided to get internet again. Yay!! So, as soon as that is squared away, I’ll be back to boring you all silly, Lord willing. I’m excited, are you? And hopefully I’ll be better able to leave comments on your posts too because I know how important my input is to all of you. I realize you value my two cents as though it were two thousand dollars and I thank you for your admiration. 🙂 Until next time, JFMB