So…. my opks never turned fully positive but got darker for 2 days then faded out. That was about 10-11 days ago I think. I continued using opks every day out of curiosity. I had bad ovarian pain that came around a week ago and got pretty bad. It was shooting down my thigh and butt cheek, and aching in my back. Loss of appetite, sore nips (like they were on fire), very mild nausea – no, I did not think these were pregnancy symptoms. They started way too early to be pregnancy. 2 days ago the opks turned positive and stayed positive through yesterday. I also experienced BAD ovarian pain and cramping that ended up culminating in a ruptured cyst yesterday evening. This wasn’t my first rodeo and it was the least painful cyst so far, thank God! I took 800mg of ibuprofen and 1 Tylenol when the pain started to get intense. Then I laid down and had what felt close to mild-labor level pain for just a bit before the ovarian pain stopped. DH prayed for me and I prayed through it and thankfully it wasn’t awful. I got pretty anxious when the pain got more intense because I know how horrible it can get. I’m a little achy in my abdomen today but feeling so much better than the last week. The opks are negative now. I am 100% sure i didn’t ovulate yesterday….no signs pointed to being in the fertile window. So I am almost sure this was an altogether anovulatory cycle. My theory is, the follicle that started to grow, never released and turned into a cyst. I’m wondering if I’ll have a long cycle now…. AF is due next week. Breastfeeding/ pumping 8-12 times a day/night is probably throwing me off still.

*So for the record ladies, ovarian cysts DO turn opks positive. Dr Google was right for once! Woohoo!*