I can be more specific if anyone has questions about these deals. Just not wanting to put a ton of info out there which is kind of personal. I would be happy to give more details if requested though to help someone else save too!

2 adult airline tickets with 2 free lap children = $336.10

9 day parking off airport at hotel close to airport that rents out their lot = $40

2 night stay at Hotel One = free

2 night stay at Hotel Two = free

2 night stay at Hotel Three= $272.09

1 day car rental = Would have been $67 but were charged extra $50 for returning at different location without being told ahead of time that would happen. = $117

$325.00 approx spending money which covered = eating out 4 times at airport, once at B.ubba G.umps, once at Mc.Donalds, countless trips of bus fare, laundry twice, tips for waiter and bell hops, postcards, book of stamps, sunglasses, ice cream, groceries for several days, taxi fare and other minor expenses.

Trip total = $1,090.19 And we totally enjoyed ourselves!!