*Written 10-19-15 Also, I got wayyyy off on how many weeks Levi is. Oops!

Not too much to update this week. We are having more success with solids finally and have actually gotten almost 1 entire pouch of baby food down easily once or twice. Usually it’s just 1/4 to 1/2 maybe. But smashed peas out of our soup this evening were a big hit. As were tiny pieces of tater tots. He even tried a cookie at the grocery store today. Probably a bad move on my part! I am still just hoping Levi will start enjoying his baby food purees more. I have tried offering food before and after nursing. It doesn’t make a big difference really. For the sake of milk supply, I’d like it to be a little bit after so he doesn’t fill up too much to nurse. Made that mistake with Tru…

Levi saw some kids jumping around or something on TV the other day and he started laughing. He gets cracked up all the time about the silliest little things. He is always watching people and he generally finds them hilarious. 🙂 He seems to have a strong sense of humor which is exciting. 🙂

I think his size finally fits his age pretty well. He is just 1 day away from 7 months now and I don’t get weird looks when I tell people his age like I did when he was 2-5 months. Kind of makes me sad though that he is losing some of that baby chub!

He is army crawling and has very good forward propulsion. He forgot how to sit himself up but if we sit him up, he will stay there and play for awhile before gently and purposely falling over and rolling/scooting around.

Poor little guy seems to have a bit of a cold right now. He is congested to the point that I had to suction him this evening and he didn’t like that. He has coughed a little now and then but so far, no fever.

Those 2 teeth are in pretty far now and I can see them all the time when he smiles. He also likes to give me a bite now and then but it’s usually when he is on the boob too long. Sometimes he gets tired of it but doesn’t really want to be done so he just hangs on and eventually bites. OWW!

That’s all the new exciting news!


Hard to believe he can already drive!


We were hanging out on the porch while Tru played....


...and then he got all silly on me. Such a ham!

I failed at taking pics this week. I’m sorry.

Dear God, I pray that Levi will adjust easily and happily to his new sleep habits and to eating the things he should eat at this stage and still drink plenty too. Thank You for his new skills with sitting and getting around. Please protect him and keep him healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.