Super boring sleep update. Feel free to skip. Sleep training is the name of the game this week! It’s funny that we are having to approach this subject yet again considering that Levi slept through the night from a few weeks old through the first several months of his life with a alittle tiny glitch around 4 months of course and again for the last few weeks. I put him to bed and he sleeps for a bit, then wakes up crying and wants to be held in our bed to fall asleep again and then back to sleep for a bit and the cycle repeats. Then he sleeps a few solid hours and wakes up once to nurse which he never used to do but I’m fine with it as I think as he gets bigger, he needs the extra milk because I can tell that he is really really hungry at that feeding. Then he sleeps well the rest of the night/morning and wakes up anywhere from 9am to 11am+. But, I’m a huge un-fan of co-sleeping in the same bed. I am uncomfortable and frankly, if it works for you, great, but I don’t know how to get comfortable and actually get good sleep. SO, I moved Levi to his “own” room (It’s not technically set up as a bedroom at the moment – we are working on that) tonight and so far he put himself to sleep in just a few minutes and went through one wake up/soothe himself back to sleep cycle already. He cried for just a couple minutes and it was more of a whine than actual cry. I just can’t have him doing that in our room because DH needs his sleep for his job. I worry about him if he doesn’t get enough sleep. Anyway, I plan to move him back to our room for the second half of the night so my paranoid self can also sleep a wink or two.

Naps are working pretty well when we actually are home to do them. I lay him down drowsy after a boob usually and he always fuss/cries but not for very long at all anymore. So operation CIO was a success/failure/success. I think every baby just responds and adjusts at different speeds and at different ages. Now, it’s no big deal to him. He fusses for a few minutes and doesn’t get very worked up. A couple months ago, it was terror and screaming and definitely a no-go just yet. Glad to have that mastered finally!