Where has the time gone? My baby is a boy now and he likes to remind me of that all the time. “Boy!”, he tells me. Nope, he’s not a baby anymore. 😦

On a few of our flights this past week, Tru actually let me hold him until he fell asleep in my arms. It was so wonderful! I don’t think he has slept in my arms any since before Levi was born and even then, not much. I just stared at his beautiful little face, so amazed at how perfect his features are and so soft and smooth.

It’s hard to believe so much perfection grew inside me.

He has his own preferences and needs. Things that are important to him. Places he wants to go and doesn’t yet understand why he can’t.

He holds my hand while we walk and I just soak in the feeling of that tiny little hand, holding on to me. Trusting my guidance even if he doesn’t agree with where we are going or how we are getting there.

I could learn from that.

Tru likes to be taken care of. It makes him feel loved. I think that’s pretty normal really except Tru seems to really appreciate our care for him. He pats my back while I carry him. He hugs me when I change his clothes. He stands still and happily let’s me apply his sunblock. He wants to be buckled in his stroller. He knows he is being cared for and he loves it.

He shows this same affection towards his brother, always wanting to care for him as well. He likes to bring me my water or phone even though I’m not asking.

He is independent. He can put on his own clothes if you tell him to. He puts on his shoes. He wants to use a big cup and straw. He is getting really good using a fork and spoon.

Yes, he’s a big boy now, but he’s my baby. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for 2 years (and 9 months) with this sweet little boy. I love being his mommy! He is such a beautiful gift. Please protect him and keep him healthy and strong. In Jesus’ name, amen.