Levi has made a trip to Ohau, Hawaii this last week! I have posts coming up about all of that but they aren’t ready to post yet. But yes, in his 6 months in the outside world, Levi has been to Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, and soon Texas Lord willing. Our little world traveler. 😉 Of course, some of those were layovers.

We have 2 teeth and I suspect we will have 2 more soon as he is FUSSY!!! His bottom gums feel swollen and he doesn’t like pressure on them. We are planning to start purees tonight or tomorrow but earlier I was eating peas and rice and he made it clear that he really wanted some so I fed him several bites and he liked it! I know I shouldn’t have started 2 foods at once but… Anyhow, he’s been eyeballing our food for some time now and opening his mouth when he sees us putting a fork to our mouth so he’s clearly ready. I just needed to wait till we got back from Hawaii if possible and since he wasn’t acting like he was hungry, we waited these 2 extra weeks. I would have started prior to the trip if needed but, obviously, orchestrating baby food feeding on the beach or mid-flight wasn’t ideal.

  • The rocking on all 4’s has increased.
  • He rolls everywhere he wants to go.
  • He is very much aware of Tru and all his activities and tries to follow him via rolling.
  • He is getting frustrated with his world and his limitations.
  • He mostly sleeps through the night although the trip threw him off a bit and he started waking earlier and nursing back to sleep but that is to be expected with such a big time zone change.
  • He likes to bite, especially my chin or finger. I am not allowing that though because it REALLY hurts! I am so scared for my nipples!!
  • He likes to peek around the corner at people and smile and then hide his face again.
  • Toys are absolutely stupid! But wrappers are great fun! And things that he shouldn’t have off the floor=great!!

Dear God, I am so happy for all the fun Levi is having and for the growing and learning he is doing. Thank You for all this preciousness that I get to hold and love. Please keep him safe and healthy and happy. In Jesus’ name, amen.