I’ve tried CIO with Levi a couple times because we had such quick success getting Tru on a nap and bedtime schedule that way. But it’s been different with Levi. He cried harder and longer and unlike Tru, he has nothing to soothe him since he doesn’t take a pacifier. Within minutes I have to get him because he will choke-cry and it’s pitiful!

I have very mixed emotions about this.
1. Levi seldom naps for more than a few minutes and ONLY if I am holding him. The older he gets, the less sound he sleeps during naps.
2. I actually really enjoy holding him for naps. I love him falling asleep in my arms and napping on me. It’s precious and bonding.
3. He likes to nurse to sleep even at night which is challenging sometimes. Occasionally if he is really close to falling asleep, he will go to sleep in his bed on his own but only if all the conditions are right and only occasionally.
4. I am hesitant to give up that snuggle time because this time around I am aware of just how FAST babies grow up and how quickly they are totally over snuggling.
5. All this snuggling and non-napping means that I have essentially no time one on one with Tru. While Tru deals with this perfectly fine, maybe it would be better for me to give him some attention without having his brother right there 100% of the time. After-all, Levi gets at least several hours of time a day one on one with me while Tru naps and goes to bed early. So it’s kind of only fair. So if Levi learned to nap alone in his bed, that would probably benefit Tru.
6. Quite frankly, I know Levi needs more sleep. A few minutes here and there is just not enough for a 5 month old. I remember Tru did so much better after he learned to nap on his own.
7. I could actually use nap time to DO actual things. Like clean. Which is nice for DH and I because right now, I have to clean in the evening while he watches the boys since I can seldom get anything done during the day. That greatly cuts down on time we spend together. Our time together is very very very limited right now.
8. But cleaning isn’t as fun as snuggling my baby!!

I said all that to say, today I bit the bullet and laid Levi down in his bed and closed the door. The crying is instantaneous when I lay him down. I walked away …. he cried. It was sad. He cried a long time. I decided to time him so I looked at the clock. After an hour passed I looked at the clock again…. right. Only 2 minutes had actually gone by but it felt like an hour! I don’t know how long he finally cried but it wasn’t too long I guess even though it felt like ages. He’s been asleep over half an hour now and I’ve been in to check on him and he’s sleeping nicely. Longer than he might have in my arms maybe.

We shall see what happens next. This is probably harder for me than him. I know the crying spells will get shorter and he will fall asleep faster most likely. But I don’t think I can or would want to do this for every nap. Will it work if I’m not consistent?