Ever since Levi learned to roll over this week, that is all he does when we lay him down. But because he has only mastered rolling from back to front, we are constantly having to roll him back onto his back when his little neck and arms get tired. And then he rolls over again immediately….I looked in Tru’s baby book to see when he rolled over and it was 5 months exactly so Levi was just 4 days later. And, he is pushing up on his arms now! So getting on all fours may be just around the corner.

We have lots of clingy days where Levi doesn’t want me out of his sight let alone to be out of my arms. He is pretty content with Daddy or Grandma or an Aunt, but sometimes there is just nobody like Mommy. If that doesn’t just melt my heart… 🙂 I could totally see him being the kid who follows me all around the house while I do my stuff and I absolutely love that idea. 😉

I really feel like teeth are on the horizon somewhere because this kid is just constantly nom-nomming on his fingers and drooling is a big thing too. I can feel his little gums becoming more and more firm in preparation for those teeth. My boobs are scared. Levi already bites me quite often. I can imagine teeth feel a lot worse. My boobs just left the house thinking about it.

Speaking of boobs, I have lost all my pregnancy weight now and I noticed that with the loss of those last few pounds, I lost some of my super milk production. I am pumping a solid 4-8 ounces less per morning now. It’s ok, my body didn’t really need to keep producing for twins forever, but I have really enjoyed building a sweet freezer stash and having extra for Tru. I am big on back-up plans. But the thing I fear most is Aunt Flo. I know that with a decrease in production, AF is probably lurking around the corner somewhere with her red suitcase, bent on moving in for a solid 10 days a month. I love all my Aunts, but Aunt Flo? She can take a hike for at least a bit longer. But this post isn’t about my Aunt problem or my sagging baggy boobs which are wobbling around like 2 golf balls in some saggy skin – you’re welcome for that great mental picture.

Levi seems very restless at night now and does what I would consider tossing and turning. He flails about some and kicks his legs and feet down hard. He turns his head from side to side repeatedly like he can’t get comfortable. I’m not sure if he actually isn’t comfortable or not. We stopped swaddling with the blanket at night. He liked his arms held down for awhile but now he seems to be struggling against the blanket so I let them free again. I might move him to the pack and play. I’m wondering if he just isn’t comfortable in the co-sleeper anymore. The weight of his body has made a small imprint in the mattress sooo…. It’s possible.

He is still the best little giggle-box, smiley face and cuddle bug ever. We all love him so much. Tru always wants to know where *his* baby is at all times and wants to lay on the floor by him while they are both on their bellies and Tru pretends to be struggling as much as Levi is to keep his head up. I need to get it on video but as with all things cute, once you turn on the camera, it’s over. And that is why I blog!

"My big brother takes good care of me."

“My big brother takes good care of me.”

"I WILL get the turtle!"

“I WILL get the turtle!”

When babies take selfies!

When babies take selfies!

Fell asleep holding onto his toys.

Fell asleep holding onto his toys.

I can't get over how old he looks here!

I can’t get over how old he looks here!

We can hardly use the playmat anymore because he kicks it over on himself.

We can hardly use the playmat anymore because he kicks it over on himself.

Dear God, Thank You for healing Levi’s tear duct! I am so thankful that You care about Levi. Please continue to watch over and protect him all the days of his life. Thank You for the privilege and blessing of being his Mommy. In Jesus’ name, amen.