Levi is about 19 pounds now of sweet, squishy, lovable cuteness. He has such a personality coming about now! He acts a lot older just in the last few weeks. It’s clear that he has definitely gone through a “wonder week” recently. We had the sleep regression and everything to prove it. He is now doing such fun things and has even learned to fake cry from time to time which is so half-hearted and hilarious! I need to get it on video asap. It’s basically a very quiet, very fake “wah, wah, wah”. The first time I really noticed him doing it, I called DH to come into the room because it was just so funny. Of course I say that now but…..

Drooling is in full force now. Bibs are becoming necessary and if I rub my finger over his gum, I can feel the bumps starting to come closer to the surface. I am still hoping we can hold off on starting solids a bit longer. I tried to give him some boob “gogo” (Truett’s word for yogurt). It wasn’t really yogurt but I scraped the cream off some breast milk that had been sitting until separated and tried to feed it to him with a baby spoon. He didn’t like the whole spoon concept very well, and he spit it out quite a bit. He also slapped the spoon and sent gogo flying so I think we need to wait a bit longer to start purees and such as he just didn’t act ready. Not that I really thought he needed any extra breast milk cream 😉 but it seemed like a logical thing to practice feeding him. He nurses about 7 times a day now.

So, about the sleep regression…. Levi has slept through the night since he was really young, like 2-3 weeks I think. But the last few weeks, that all changed and he kept flailing about in his sleep and waking himself up, nursing several times a night and pretty much refusing to sleep past 5-6am unless he was in my bed. Which isn’t something we had been doing previously. I never swaddle my babies from the beginning, I just never started it. But with Levi, we learned that as he has gotten older these last few weeks, he needs his arms held down so he doesn’t wake himself up by flailing and slapping himself in the face which was never a problem until now. So, obviously he is too large to swaddle in the conventional way so I googled how to swaddle a 4 month old and found a youtube video showing how the blanket can be wrapped around the baby’s back and out over their arms and back under them (it doesn’t cross in front) to lightly hold the arms down. PROBLEM SOLVED! He slept through the night and has done much better since. I admit, I really hate holding his arms down, even though when he wakes up he can get out pretty easily, it just feels so claustrophobic to me. But if that’s what he likes… 🙂

Levi still likes to be held facing out for the most part. He’s never liked to be held facing inwards too well except occasionally if he is really tired he will fall asleep that way. I soak up all the snuggles I can get at this point. Having a clingy baby is such a change for me since Tru has always been very independent and never one to like cuddles much unless he’s sick. Levi is the exact opposite and even though there are times when I have things that need done and no time to do them because of Levi’s clingyness, I realize this is for a VERY short time and suddenly, whatever it is can just wait. 🙂

I think we may have a roller soon as Levi gets onto his side frequently. I see him almost flip onto his belly but not quite there. Any day now though seriously. He likes to sit in his walker and occasionally he will tolerate the bumbo seat for a few minutes. He loves his play mat with the toys hanging down. He LOVES his feet now that he has found them. He holds onto them and puts them in his mouth. I remember Tru going through this stage and I absolutely adore it. He hasn’t been sucking on his fingers much lately. I guess that was just a phase he went through. He still chews them though.

We had his dedication this week and our Pastor did such a wonderful job with it. He held Levi and the church prayed over him. We got a dedication certificate for him also which I framed to match Tru’s certificate. I am so happy that we got to share that moment with our church family who really love us and care for Levi and Truett like they are the churches’ babies. Which they kind of are since our church family prayed and prayed and prayed for us while we were TTC. I should write a post about that soon. It’s really a special story. Dedication is not salvation, it is us promising that we will do our best as Levi’s parents to raise him in church and to know who God is.

As for myself, postpartum hair loss is still well underway. The bare patches are huge and pretty hard to conceal now. The wads of hair I lose in the shower is still gross but the plus side is, my hair is so much lighter now and I’m sure that’s a good thing with the temps we’ve been having this summer. I am seeing lots of new hair coming in so now I have to get used to all the sticky-upies.
I have lost all but 1 pound +/- of baby weight. I wasn’t trying too hard to lose it really, it just came off. I do think the breast pumping and walking is helping. My SIL and I have been continuing with our twice weekly walks pretty well and have built ourselves up from a flat track to hills. Big hills. It’s some good cardio with pushing the heavy strollers. We usually do an hour or so and would probably be fine going longer but one of the babies always gets bored at that point and we have to stop. I hope we can continue going.

That’s all for now, this is long
enough already.

Dear God, Thank You for this day and for blessing us in being able to dedicate Levi to You. I pray that we will not fail to raise him to love and serve You and to do Your will with his life. I pray that we will teach him and raise him properly to be honest and respectful, caring and compassionate, selfless and loving. Please watch over him and protect him all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


That is an 18 month t-shirt, yes it is. This boy rocks 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. 😉


Those cheeks get kissed a billion times a day - minimum!


That sweet little hand on that soft little leg. My heart!


This is one of my favorite moments each day. That sweet, dependent innocence.


I wish I was this cute driving my car.


Bent on tackling his cousin. They are actually to the age where they notice each other.