Remember how I did the post-holiday diet clean up? Well, I continued it and stepped it up a notch. Does this mean we haven’t had Mc D’s or pizza since? Ha! Of course we have! EVERY day isn’t perfect… actually, most days aren’t perfect but better than they could be. Most days we do pretty well but there are plenty of exceptions which I don’t feel guilty for, too much.

I cook from scratch. Basically 97% of the time. So I get very tired of planning meal ideas. Usually I am ok planning the main course but when it gets to the sides, it’s just too hard to come up with something new every night. Therefore, I decided to implement the daily side salad so that I can take that one less step out of dinner prep. It’s a no-brainer and we can personalize it with tasty toppings as much as we want to keep from getting bored. It doesn’t hurt my efforts to get in shape either! Post on that coming soon Lord willing.

So generally it goes something like this: protein+carb+salad=dinner. Sometimes we make such an incredibly filling salad that we just have that.


I like to start with an organic spring mix.


Add a light drizzle of dressing.


A seasoned chicken breast, boiled egg, nuts and other toppers + corn on the cob made this salad a main course.

Salad topping ideas include:
•boiled eggs (I prefer pickled)
•shoestring beets
•green onions
•sliced almonds
•sliced red, orange, yellow peppers
•chicken, beef etc
•sunflower seeds
•fried jalapeños
•bacon (turkey for lower fat)
•wonton strips
•of course, croutons

There are tons more toppings but those are some of our favorites. 🙂 I try to stick to things that add protein and healthy fat. Initially, DH had his doubts that he could eat salad almost every day, but a few weeks later, we are still going strong! 🙂 

What do you like to dress up your salad with? Could you eat salad every day? Would you like to try?