Long-time readers may remember this post that I wrote when Tru was about 5 months old I think. At that point I had lost a lot of hair and had some very thin patches but I think I’ve got worse patches this time.

It started falling out around 3+ months pp and I now have some pretty bad hair days going on. It’s kind of embarrassing. I’m used to having thick, healthy hair even if I do practically nothing to style it. Now? Well, it’s neither thick nor pretty.

I really hate to complain though. If this is what it takes to have a cute baby snuggling me right now then so be it. Also, it is the heat of summer right now so this could be seen as a good thing. Right? But mostly, I know it eventually stopped after Tru got older, HOWEVER, it didn’t stop completely until I was several weeks pregnant with Levi. So….hopefully it will stop soon regardless of if I get pregnant again (lol! I still realize I have zero say so in making that happen – but that’s another post for another time) or not.


Because THIS is not pretty. (But Levi's baby head is cute 😉 )