Poor Truett hasn’t had n update in 2 months!! But here is the one that has been sitting on my commuter begging me to publish it for weeks (months!) now. 

20 Months

Tru has had another month of rapid language development. I know he has been just a tad behind in language skills but I think he has just been taking his time. His own little made up words were working well for awhile for him but now he finally sees the need to communicate with us in words we also understand. He repeats words that we tell him to say, however, he refuses to say “Levi” and instead insists on calling him “Baby”. 😉

Words Tru says now include:

  • Flowee – it progressed from fowee to flowee – it means flower of course
  • Goggie – Doggie
  • bird
  • feesh – fish
  • cookie
  • mama/momo/mamo/moma – it all means Elmo or any other sesame street character
  • baby
  • eat
  • no
  • wow
  • oh
  • dada
  • ball
  • pee – he uses this to refer to diapers, wet wipes, poop and of course, pee
  • baba – also means sippy cup
  • shirt
  • shoes – also means socks
  • side – means either outside or inside depending
  • oww
  • cry – sometimes he fakes crying and stops every few seconds and says “cry” or “crying” I also thought I heard him say “I cry”
  • bye bye
  • go

I can’t think of any more off hand but I know there are more words. He seldom says “what’s this” and “what’s that” anymore. That seemed to be a phase where he was questioning everything. He doesn’t put real words together very often but he will put real words in a string of his made up words forming a very clear sentence pattern. It is really fun hearing this language develop.

Some favorite things right now:

  • Blowing raspberries on his brother’s tummy. Tru loves to do this and he will do it over and over while Levi laughs. Tru seems to really get a kick out of making Levi laugh and he is absolutely convinced that Levi is *his* baby and he wants to hold him take care of him. He throws a fit if we move Levi away from him while he is *holding* him. He gives Levi a binky sometimes if he is crying and I have caught him trying to give Levi bites of his food. Tru also tries to wipe Levi’s butt during diaper changes and I have let him a few times when there was no poop involved just because it is precious to watch this bond between them and to see Tru taking on the role of protective big brother even though he is really just a baby himself.
  • Tru loves playing in the sand in his sandbox we bought him a few months ago. I have it up on the porch which DH says looks terrible but it keeps him out of the sun and the sand doesn’t get grass in it so…
  • He loves swimming and I wish we lived closer to someone with a pool. I’ve taken him twice this year. I bought him a kiddie pool but we haven’t tried it out yet. He loves his pool float though and insisted in sitting in it one day in the house. We had went swimming at my Aunt’s the day before and he didn’t want to get out of the pool.
  • Tru loves going places. He gets very excited to put on his Elmo socks and go. He never wants to leave when we are at someone else’s house and we always face a huge screaming fit when it is time to leave.
  • He loves watching kid shows and although I try not to indulge this too often, come on let’s face it… It happens. He loves Elmo and Curious George, and watches with some interest, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, Thomas and Friends, Peg+Cat and occasionally some other kid show on PBS. I am pretty particular about them though. I don’t like super hyper stuff and I want it to have some educational value.

Tru doesn’t like:

  • Wow, where do I start…. 😉 He’s a toddler, there’s a lot he doesn’t like. My FIL said his fits are exactly like DH’s were when he was little. I think that is kind of funny actually. I wonder if that means they will have similar personalities? Things that set Tru off include: being told no, not getting his way, having to wait .2 seconds for what he wants, being held for more than a second, the wrong sippy cup, water when he was expecting milk, the same food more than a few times over the course of a week, sitting in his high chair while daddy and mommy eat, not getting to squish his brother, having to leave someone else’s house, having to share toys with his cousins, when daddy hugs mommy, when daddy sits by mommy, having to come out of the bathroom or kitchen, coming inside, sitting down in the stroller vs climbing around and hitting his head, shopping carts that he can’t sit behind and pretend he’s pushing or pushing the kids cart, having to wait for a cookie in the store, diaper changes, thinking that we might be eating something other than what he has on his tray and so on.

BUT…. he naps and goes to bed easily (although lately he has been skipping naps pretty often and I’m beginning to think this may be the end of naps), he sleeps until 10am most days, he’s hardly displayed any jealousy or had any problems with sharing us with the baby, he will eat essentially anything (just not in large enough portions to suit mommy’s worries), he plays with his toys and books well, he gives me kisses and hugs me all day sometimes and clearly loves everybody he meets. 🙂

Having a toddler is fun, it’s hard work and the tantrums have really taken me by surprise because I’m not really used to this level of fit throwing, but it’s all worth it. When he climbs up beside me and puts his little arm behind my back and pats my back while giving me sweet little slobbery kisses on the cheek, I melt. I thank God constantly for my sweet little boys. I am still in awe that God saw fit to bless us with these beautiful little children made in His image.

Dear God, Thank You for another month of growing and learning. I am so blessed and joyous to see my little baby becoming a boy. Please watch over him and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.