I promise I haven’t forgotten little Truett’s updates. I have one on my computer just waiting for me to add finishing touches and pictures. And then go someplace with WiFi to publish it…. ugh. I was browsing internet options tonight and I think we want to go with a pay as you go hotspot. I like the portability etc. Plus it’s cheaper since we just need a little data as we don’t usually stream movies and such. But I’m not going to lie, being without internet except on my phone for these last 3+ months has been a bit of a transition. It’s crazy how spoiled we get with just being able to pop online and shop, browse, pay bills…

But none of that is about Levi. My sweet baby is getting so much more grown up by the day. He interacts with all of us now constantly and his little face just lights up in a huge smile when he sees us. He especially loves Truett and laughs at him all the time which just thrills Tru to no end. He blows on Levi’s belly making fart noises and tries to wrestle him every time we lay Levi on the floor. It takes great vigilance to keep Truett’s love for *his* baby from turning into an accidental ouchie for Levi. But it positively warms my heart to see their love growing. Everyone is quick to warn that in a few years they may well be fighting, but I think despite any brotherly skirmishes, the bond they are building now will withstand.

Levi has definitely cut back on nursing. If I offer him a boob before he’s ready, he will take it but he pulls and bites (extremely hard!!!) and pops on and off while squirming. It’s like, he doesn’t want to turn it down, but it isn’t what he wants either. I finally figured out that he was just ready to cut back so we went from nursing approximately 10 times a day (not for sure, maybe more) to closer to 6-8 times. Occasionally this last week he has woken around 5-7am for a boob but mostly he still sleeps from 10:30pm or so until 9-10am, nurses and sleeps off and on until 12-1pm and then is mostly up all day with just very short naps.

He has started soothing himself more often by sucking on his first and middle fingers together of his right hand. He makes a loud slurping sound but he manages to fall asleep that way. It’s absolutely adorable and I have caught a few pictures of it so far.

I put Levi’s weight (approx 17.5 lbs) and height (approx 27.25 inches) into the WHO growth chart online and he is estimated to be in the 99th for height and 92nd for weight with a head percentile of 27. 😉 His head is the same size as Truett’s was at just 9 weeks. But then, Tru had/has a big head. Levi’s height is the same as Tru at 6 months and he already weighs almost a pound more than Tru at 6 months. What does all this mean? Not a thing. Even among brothers, you can’t compare children. Everyone grows and develops at their own rate. I was looking back on posts from when Tru was Levi’s age and Tru had way more fine motor skills and dexterity. He held toys and put them in his mouth. Levi just reaches for toys and smiles at them. He puts his own hands in his mouth and holds onto things like my shirt or finger etc. But he’s definitely “behind” where Tru was. But they have wayyyyyy different personalities so I’m not concerned in the least at this point. Also Levi is too chubby to reach his toes. 😉

How I’m doing.

I’m probably more tired than I’ve ever been while not pregnant despite getting plenty of sleep. I really don’t know why. I had a physical last week that my insurance requires and the NP said I should have someone watch the kids now and then just for a bit and actually rest. She said no housework during that time 😉 just rest. Well, I always know better than the Dr of course and I was feeling pretty spry so I left my appointment and grocery shopped, came home and took care of babies and then cleaned for almost 6 hours. Shampooed the carpet, the whole nine yards. Let my right boob get overfull and woke up the next morning with a blocked duct. I ran errands that day and woke up in the middle of the night shivering/burning up with a fever. Oh yes, my old friend mastitis. So, as the NP recommended in the first place, I had to have someone watch the kids while I took a nap 2 days in a row. Lesson learned. While I may feel pretty good most days, thank God, and am generally able to keep up with the best of them, going nonstop from 7am to 11pm is stupid no matter how you slice it and definitely not worth it. Also… coffee is really good frozen and then thrown in the blender with chocolate, hazelnut creamer and milk.

Aside from that, I’m on day 3 of feeling like I’m going to start at any minute so I’m pretty sure I will. 😦 Yay me.

I’m still pumping twice a day too and usually get 20+ ounces. I keep hoping I can keep this up. It’s pretty much my whole weight loss plan right now. 20 ounces equals 400+ calories burned so… I like that pretty well.

Enough about me.


Enjoying the outdoors


He loves his Mommy's arms... and that is ok with his mommy!!

The week in which it turns out I gave up on my phone’s pathetic camera and took almost everything on my regular camera. Sorry folks.

Dear God, I’m so thankful for these days and for having such a sweet little boy to brighten my life. I pray that we will always do our best to teach Levi and Tru about You and Your love for them. Please watch over and protect them in Jesus’ name, amen.