…. that’s what the RE determined I have going on now in my uterus. I had an ultrasound with him last week to check for retained placenta. There was no sign of anything in the uterus but the lining has grown into the muscle wall of the uterus. Likely due to the c section I had with Tru he said. Also I started having some spotting around nine and a half weeks postpartum and it hasn’t stopped since. Sometimes it calms down greatly but other times it flares into a full blown bleeding episode that goes away after a few hours. It is becoming greatly annoying. He said he believes the bleeding is because of the lining issue. He ordered another beta and progesterone check both of which were negative of course. He wanted to be sure that I wasn’t pregnant and not only am I not pregnant (of course) but he also determined that I haven’t ovulated yet postpartum.

I just really want the spotting/ bleeding to go away. I was so happy to be done with my postpartum bleeding at just past 6 weeks and to have it start back up after only a 3 week break (where I had a few days where I still spotted) is frustrating.

The RE didn’t think the adenomyosis poses any future fertility issues thankfully.

Edit: I wrote this post 2 weeks ago and never posted it. The bleeding stopped again and I’m really hoping it stays away now.