I almost forgot to do a 5 week post! Levi had his 1 month check up at 4 weeks 4 days and he looks healthy! 🙂 He weighed 10lbs 15oz which means he gained an average of 1lb 1oz for 3 weeks in a row. That’s just crazy! His weight went from the 25th percentile at birth to the 75th. His height was 22″ so he grew almost 2″ staying in the 75th and his head grew from the 5th percentile at birth to the 25th. You may remember that his head was measuring in the 7th at my 36 week ultrasound and it appears that was accurate after all.

The little guy smiled twice today. Once at my sister and once at my MIL. I have yet to get a for real smile out of him but I’m excited that he is smiling now. 🙂 5 weeks 4 days. About 2 weeks later than Tru. I am looking forward to coaxing more smiles out of him.

Mostly all Levi thinks about is eating. Big surprise, right!? 😉 But really, all day long from about 8:30 am on, he eats every 2 hours or more. He almost never goes over 2 hours during the day. In the evenings he will usually eat every hour from 5-6pm on. Then after he goes to bed anywhere from 9:30 – 11 or so he usually has 1 five hour stretch followed by another 3-4 hour stretch and then it’s morning. I love LOVE his sleep schedule and I so so so so hope he doesn’t change it. Tru didn’t sleep like this for months and months! Probably close to a year  … I’m still pumping twice a day and occasionally once in the night if I’m feeling too full. I hope to keep up a little extra supply as long as I can so I can keep giving it to Tru and freezing my 6oz a day. That’s my goal for now.

Levi has outgrown all his newborn clothes and is already too long for some 3 month sleepers so I guess I need to get out the 3-6mo clothes already. Craziness!

I think all my stitches are finally out! Now if I can just stop bleeding it would be nice. I will say, this recovery is totally different from my c section and most of it has been easier. Especially with being able to bend and lift etc. Both ways have their advantages but I think I would probably try for a vbac again given the opportunity.

It’s late and I should be sleeping so I’ll go. I just love this little guy. I spent hours today printing off all the pictures of my pregnancy and his first 5 weeks. He’s grown so much and I love seeing him and Tru together. It’s truly a great gift and I thank God always for them.

Dear God, thank You for a great week and for Levi’s growth and health. I pray that he will continue to grow well and healthy. In Jesus’ name, amen.