One month old! I meant to take an official 1 month picture today but I forgot. I can’t get over how much the “little” guy has grown. He’s chunked out so much. His one month check up is tomorrow provided we are able to make it. DH is having a pole barn package delivered Lord willing so someone needs to be here. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much Levi weighs!!!

I also want to ask about getting some zantac for him because he definitely has acid reflux. Yesterday he was really uncomfortable with it. He throws up a good bit especially at night. It’s usually a large quantity in the night which always makes me nervous. Sometimes the vomit is clearish which I think is just stomach acid. It makes mommy sad. 😦

But the kid sure can eat! Some days he cluster feeds Like every hour or more. But he’s starting to have some nights where he sleeps a couple long stretches of 4+ hours. I think he even went 6 hours one night. Tru didn’t do this until he was a few months old so this is just great. However, we still have nights where we get up every 1.5-2 hours after our initial good stretch. He never eats much in the night though.

Levi is already in 3 month clothes. He wears outfits that Tru wore at 3+ months and fits them great. He’s also in size 1 diapers but I have a feeling we will have several packs to return. It’s just crazy how fast they grow and how quickly time flies!

Levi is a very kissed on baby with his big brother Tru loving on him all day. Tru just loves giving him hugs and kisses and I can’t get over how precious it is. I absolutely love seeing this brother bond forming. It’s such a precious thing to witness.

I am worried that we might have a case of breast feeding thrush. 😦 My nipples are still terribly sore. It could just be his high palate causing the pain I suppose but there is a little itching and very pink colored nipples so ….. I think I better start using some monistat on them. I’m pumping 2-4 times a day. At least once in the morning and once at night. Sometimes I get up in the night to pump once and sometimes once during the day. I’m still giving Tru the pumped  milk and freezing the extra.

I pulled out 3 more of my stitches today but there are still at least 3 more patches of stitching down there. I can’t wait till they are all out! I also really look forward to being done wearing pads! 😦 Hopefully soon. But all in all, recovery has been a piece of cake praise God. I just have to remember to take it easy or I can feel my body starting to rebel. I have lost about 25 pounds now as of a few days ago which means I only have 10 to go to get to pre-Levi weight. I think I would really like to lose about 15.

Well, I need to go lay this little precious sleeping baby down and go to bed. He’s making his little purring sounds that he does in his sleep. It’s so adorable. I really need to video it. 🙂

Dear God, thank You for the beauty of this moment. Holding my precious little surprise gift from You here on my chest, feeling his softness, smelling his sweet little head. This is such a beautiful moment and I know it is all because of You. I thank You and praise You and ask that You will continue to bless us and watch over little Levi and protect him. In Jesus’ name, amen.