It’s a cryin’ shame I never posted this last month when I wrote it. It’s time now for an 18 month post!!

I thought I was supposed to be writing a 16 month update and then I realized the little guy is already 17 months! Where is all the time going?


I can tell that Tru has really had a growth spurt lately. I am planning to take him to a well baby check up next week. I skipped taking him to his 15 month appointment because there was such a flu outbreak around our area at the time and I felt it best to just stay home and away from the dr’s office as much as possible. I don’t want to wait another month to take him to his 18 month check up though because I do have a few concerns. There is probably nothing wrong at all but mom’s worry, it’s kind of our thing that we do whether we should or not. My main concern is that, while I can see that he has grown taller (having to pack up a lot of his shirts and pants because they are suddenly too short) he has gained only maybe 2 pounds since October. That’s not seeming normal to me at this point because he really looks skinny. He has mostly days where he eats great and days where he has very little appetite. He isn’t at all picky, he just chooses not to eat some days. For example, I am keeping a food log this week to show his pediatrician and so today he ate less than 1/2 of a cheeseburger, 1 hotdog, a few bites of mixed vegetables and 1/2 cup yogurt. (I know, the cheeseburger and hotdog were super healthy choices.) I offered plenty of other foods and he turned them all down. I even made banana muffins which are one of his favorite foods and wouldn’t eat more than a bite or two. He drank a bottle of milk in the morning and another at bedtime. Of course, we all have days that we are just not as hungry and that is perfectly fine.  Other days he will eat plenty. The other morning he ate 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a banana and 1 whole orange just for breakfast! He had a whole peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and some mashed potatoes with mushrooms for supper. Plus several bottles of milk. There is no rhyme or reason to his eating habits and that is why I am confused that he is not gaining weight. I could understand it if all his days were like today….


Tru isn’t talking much at all lately and that is frustrating for all of us. His inability to tell us exactly what he wants/needs results in a lot of pointing and screaming by him and a lot of guessing and exasperation from us. He has started a new habit of pulling me up from the couch and leading me to the kitchen when he is hungry. That is actually really good because at least he is finally giving me more clues to go off of concerning what he is wanting. For some reason though, he thinks he needs to fuss/cry the entire time I am getting him food. If I am pouring him a sippy cup of water, he will usually fuss until it is actually in his hands. I am trying to work with him on showing him that I am getting the food/drink/toy therefore he doesn’t need to keep crying for it. It’s as good as done. I haven’t been able to get that point across yet.


This evening Tru was extra fussy. I finally asked him if he wanted to go to bed. He ran to his bedroom door and knocked on it and made gestures of laying his head down. It was SO adorable!!! I wish I had it on video. I changed his diaper and he went to DH and hugged him goodnight several times before I scooped him up to put him in bed. He still goes to bed and naps easily. I am so thankful for that! I hope he continues to do well with this and hopefully his baby brother will be an easy sleeper like Tru is. 🙂


Climbing onto the couch is a new favorite hobby that started in the last month. Tru is up and down from the couch probably a hundred times a day. He loves to sit next to us for about 2 seconds and then get down again. For some reason, he has lost interest in basically all of his toys and become a major bookworm! He LOVES his books and carries them around and “reads” them all day long. Sometimes he reads them out loud, making up his own words and being quite dramatic. I love it when he does that. It is so cute. He isn’t much into us reading the books to him at this point. He likes to turn the pages and read to us mostly. 🙂


He still loves the dog and follows him around hugging him as much as he can while the dog is a total butt head and runs away and doesn’t appreciate all the adorableness that is happening. Today, I was pretty sure that Tru said “doggy” while he was fussing about something. Whenever the dog is in his cage, Tru wants to let him out. If only the dog would cooperate, I think we could have one of those really cute boy-and-his-dog relationships going on.


The weather is finally warming up this week and for pretty much the first time in his life, Tru got to really run around outside today. (By the time he started walking, it was getting too cold out and it’s been winter for pretty much forever now so he hasn’t gotten to just play outside except for a few minutes here and there.) He really loved it and I hated to have to bring him inside. I would really like to put a baby gate on our porch so that I can sit out there with him while I’m nursing Levi etc, and Tru could play with toys and get to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. I pushed Tru in his stroller around the track at our community college the other day and he really loved that too. It makes me happy that he is seeming to be an outdoorsy boy.


This is getting pretty long so I should probably wrap it up now. I know that I could go on and on all day about how precious my little boy is…. he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a little boy now. It’s amazing how much he has grown in just a year and a half. He is so sweet. He comes up to me and hugs me multiple times a day. Just this month he has started giving me and DH kisses (he has been giving my sister kisses for months now but just finally started to kiss DH and I) and it is just the most precious thing. He loves to pat my belly and snuggle up to it and hug it. I think he will actually miss my belly when it is gone. I know I will miss him laying his head on it. It’s one of my favorite things for him to do. 🙂 This is very likely our last weekend with Tru’s brother on the inside… I just so look forward to seeing his reaction to having a baby brother. I want to see their bond as they grow up together. I just love so much for them to be close in age.


Dear God, thank You so much for my sweet little Truett. He is such a sweet and precious little boy and I am so blessed to be his mommy. I thank You for seeing fit to bless our lives with this beautiful little person. Please protect and watch over Tru all the days of his life. In Jesus’ name, amen.