I bet some of you weren’t expecting to see me here still… Well, I am. But this should be my last Levi Pregnancy update. I am a bit concerned now about inducing because I woke up this morning feeling fine – pretty great actually, but as the day is progressing, I am feeling like I am coming down with a chest cold. Body aches, head hurts, chest and throat are tight. Also feeling pretty nauseous. My body has been working overtime in clean out mode for a couple weeks now. It’s a wonder a germ has a chance to live in there. Not too surprising though I guess since DH just got over a cold, but I was hoping I had avoided it. I guess not. Hopefully it goes away as quickly as it came and we can all stay well. I talked to someone at the hospital today about whether they would still induce if I am actually sick and they said yes, as long as there is no fever. I checked and my temp was 98.4. I just worry about passing it on to Levi and him getting sick…..


I had my weekly check up yesterday and what was supposed to be my last NST. They made me have a fluid check. I really don’t understand it though. My fluid was 15 at the BPP I had last tues, 12 at the BPP the Dr ordered 2 days later at my appointment, and 19.5 yesterday. All good readings but so sporadic. I didn’t have any readings like that with Tru. Also, I am group b strep negative unlike last time! YAY! Anyways…. the Dr I saw yesterday was one I remember from when I was pregnant last time but I hadn’t seen him any this pregnancy. I asked him if he really thought inducing was a good idea and told him that I was fine waiting till my due date if that made any sense. But he said he thought it was a good plan to go ahead now. It’s not really upping my chance of a c-section much since my chance of having that is already pretty good (bad?). He said though that he does think it will be successful as long as Levi tolerates the labor well. And if I wait I am just taking the chance that I never go into labor on my own, Levi starts going into distress and I have a c-section without getting to labor. This Dr said that labor is good for the baby so even if I only get to do it a few hours, it could have a healthy impact on Levi. Hearing that makes me happy. 🙂 I always wanted to labor at least a little bit if nothing else. I had made a little progress since my last appointment which is just fantastic. Hopefully I am still progressing well. I was dilated to 1cm on the outside, 2cm on the inside, 60-70% effaced, soft and (finally!) the cervix is anterior! All good signs. Levi’s head is quite low (should have asked what station) and the Dr offered to strip my membranes. I didn’t ask – the other Dr said that they don’t do that at their practice but this Dr said it isn’t his standard but he would be happy to strip them if I wanted just to give that extra advantage. Of course I said yes! I had lots of contractions yesterday and into the night but they stopped around 1am and so far today, there has been nothing worth mentioning. The Chiropractor did some labor inducing acupressure a couple days ago and he wants to try it again today. I am hoping that I will feel well enough to go today. He had originally said we were going to try acupuncture but I guess he changed his mind.


I am sentimental now that I know I am only days (perhaps less!) from having this baby. I am physically very done with this pregnancy. I am bleeding randomly from injection sites and usually have several bandaids all over my belly, hips and thighs at any given time to try to control the bloody shirt situation. That is gross and I am definitely tired of the Heparin twice a day…. only a few shots left! If I deliver naturally, the Dr said I might get out of taking the Lovenox shots for the 6 weeks post partum! 🙂 But as sentimental as I may be emotionally, I am so excited to meet Levi.


I bought a car seat base yesterday so we have one for both vehicles and don’t have to change them out all the time. I need to get Tru another car seat too because we are always having to swap his out all the time. The base I bought is usually about $35 but I got it for $11.45 because Target gave me a $20 gift card and I had 15% off! I was really happy about that. I also went grocery shopping on monday and bought almost 2 carts full of groceries. I was trying to stock up and make it so DH would have quick and easy things to prepare. I think we have about 15 easy meals ready. After I came home, I wore myself completely out making meals for the freezer. But it was worth it to now have home cooked food to eat instead of depending on DH to make a bunch of processed junk that makes us both feel sick. So far we have homemade: chili and taco soup (my sister says they are the same thing – whatever), vegetable soup, ricotta stuffed shells, scalloped potatoes, chicken enchiladas, and potato soup. I want to freeze some side dishes too if I get a chance/feel well enough. I still have things to do to get ready but I think if I was to go into labor today, it would be ok. Everything is close enough to being done.


The hospital called today and said that on induction day (as long as we still go in for the induction) we should get to the hospital around 12:45 am (yes AM!) and it takes about an hour to get everything ready. Expect to be in labor by 4am (in other words, expect to be exhausted), and baby should arrive around afternoon. I love how they think they have it all worked out and in control. I am not going to even kind of believe that timeline. I have no expectations. How is that? Seems safer.

How far along? 38 weeks 4 days. I can’t believe it! I was sure I would go early. 

How big is the baby? I think he’s probably about 8 pounds. I know he feels really really big in there. His movements feel so newborn-like. Not jerky anymore. Just slow and smooth. 

Total weight gain/loss?  It appears to be +36 pounds now. I don’t have too much swelling at this point unless I am on my feet/do a lot of walking. Then it gets worse and takes a few days to flush the fluid through.

Sleep? Fitful now that I am thinking about the birth and worried about being gone from Tru for so long. It is so hard for me to think about being gone from him. I worry about every little thing…. 

Best moment this week? Finding out that I have finally started to dilate. It gives me the least little bit of hope. 

Symptoms? All the usual. 

Food cravings? Speedy Freezes. 🙂 

Food aversions? Nope. 

Gender? Baby boy Levi Shay. 🙂 

Labor signs? Pretty much covered that above. Still no extra discharge to speak of, no loss of plug etc.

Belly button in or out? It is so far stretched and it hurts so bad and is so hot to the touch. It is gross folks. Gross but pretty amazing! 

What I’m looking forward to? Still just wanting to meet this little one who has surprised me in so many ways for months now! And anxious to see the sibling bond and the changing dynamic of our little family. 

Milestones? So very pregnant! I still can’t believe I’m actually pregnant and now it’s time to have the baby! WHAT? 

Bump? It aches and hurts from all the bruising. I can also really feel the muscles pulling apart down the middle. I told DH last night that my belly feels so low now. I look down and it’s practically between my legs. I joke that if it gets any lower, it will be between my knees. DH said that he too had been noticing how low it had gotten. I’m so glad that Levi got head down and so nicely engaged. I need to take some bump pictures today and I really want someone to get pictures of Tru hugging and patting my belly like he loves to do. I love it so much! It’s so precious that he has no idea there is a baby in there but he loves my belly so much. 


Dear God, I ask that you will please keep me and the family healthy for Levi’s birth so that Levi won’t get sick. I pray that You will make the labor and birth go smoothly. Please don’t let Levi have any problems or distress. I pray that it will all go according to Your will and that Levi will be born in whatever way is Your will for his birth. Please protect him at all times. In Jesus’ name, amen.