Swelling. It’s what’s happening. I have been getting by very easy this time around with very little swelling, all things considered. But today… my calves feel so tight and gross and it’s only 3pm. I pulled up my pant legs and I don’t recognize these legs at all. The skin is stretched tight and they look like someone else’s legs entirely. I put Tru down for a nap and I am trying to prop my legs up and rest for awhile. I took care of the elderly lady that I care for once a week today and I noticed there that my fingers were also swollen. I don’t think I had that too much with Tru.


I had a dr appointment yesterday and I discussed my concerns over my rapid weight gain with the dr. She made me feel a lot better about it. I was starting to get very frustrated because it seemed I couldn’t get control of the gaining even though I have been watching my calories and am well within range or even under 2,000. Not to mention how very healthy we have been eating. It’s hard to believe I can even gain weight eating so clean… Anyways, I didn’t gain any additional weight in my first trimester, (lost 7 pounds, took my time gaining it back) very reasonably during my second and now I am gaining way too much from day to day and it yo-yos up and down and is pretty drastic. (As in 8 pounds in 36 hours!) The dr said that yes, I am gaining more than they want me to but it is obviously water weight and there is nothing I can do about it aside from the normal stuff like decrease salt, increase water, put my feet up etc… She was very reassuring about the whole thing and as long as my blood pressure continues to look good, she is happy. And I am too now. Until yesterday, I had been feeling really discouraged about it all. The good thing is, water weight is very easy to lose post-birth.


The dr also asked me if I was still interested in a VBAC and I told her that I am. She said, “We will plan for that then barring any unforeseen circumstances and as long as baby doesn’t dictate otherwise.” I was so encouraged by her support and positivity about it. She didn’t try to persuade me at all to go with elective c section. Feeling very hopeful. 🙂


I started NSTs last friday and Levi decided that it would be fun to fail his very first one and freak mommy out. He never had a high enough acceleration in his heart rate but the nurse had the dr look over the strip and he felt that Levi was fine anyways. It surprised me though that even though the nurse moved Levi all around with her hands and buzzed him with the buzzer, he kept a very even heart rate in the 130’s. It spiked a few times to the 140’s but never high enough. His heart rate was all the way down to 125 during the ultrasound even though he was moving and practicing breathing. We had plenty of kicks during the NST but on the way to my appointment, he barely passed his kick count…. Silly little guy. Everything looked fine at our NST tuesday (yesterday).


How far along? 32 weeks 4 days – can you believe that we are this close to the finish line!? 

How big is the baby? Friday he measured an estimated 4lbs 9oz  but the NP later said it was 4lbs 8oz. Either way 54th percentile. 🙂 That was bigger than I was expecting! So close to full term newborn size. The placenta looked good and the fluid was 12.9cm. His butt is right under/behind my right ribs and his feet are on my left side. His hands are in that area too and he is facing my left. We just need to swing him around to facing my back as my due date approaches. 

Total weight gain/loss? I really have no idea. See above. 

Maternity clothes? My belly is so low it is sticking out the bottom of almost everything! Things that fit me fine with Tru are too short now because my belly is just really hanging. It rests on my legs and I don’t remember that last time at all. Anyways, this has me in a predicament because I need at least 2 decent outfits since my SIL is 2 weeks behind me in pregnancy and we are hoping to get a maternity photo shoot together. I have nothing suitable and with very little time left, I am not keen on spending $$ on clothes I will wear very little. My ideal situation would be to find maternity/breastfeeding outfits….

Sleep? Not getting much. It’s hard to get comfortable and I pee so often. I wake up on my back a lot. It’s all good though. It’s kind of the least of my worries. 

Best moment this week? The tech who did my growth ultrasound was so nice and informative. She did a full anatomy too she said because that hospital had never done one (I go to a closer hospital for some NST/AFI appointments because the drive is easier). She showed me the baby really well and even pointed out hair! He doesn’t have a lot but it was sticking straight up and the cutest thing ever. 🙂 We saw him practice breathing almost the whole time and sticking his tongue in and out repeatedly. We even saw him putting the rooting reflex into practice! It was absolutely adorable. It is rare to get someone who will take that kind of time with you and enjoy looking the baby over so it’s always a special treat when you do get someone like that. 

Symptoms? Lots but I really don’t want to complain about them. I am just feeling so thankful and blessed for this precious baby and surprise pregnancy. I wanted this so much and it feels surreal that I am experiencing it all for the second time! That being said, symptoms are – I am definitely feeling almost done at this point because I am in pain, specifically in my pelvis/inner thighs area. I am swelling, I am tired, I am having a hard time getting things done especially taking care of Tru – carrying him around is exhausting. I am very short of breath to the point that I will be laying in bed at night almost in a panic because I can’t breathe. I also have a really bad stuffy nose for almost 8 months now. I am lightheaded and have to sit down or I will fall down (had that with Tru too), I have terrible hemorrhoids (lovely)…. But all of this is so worth it that I feel actually very grateful for it all. It is something that I always wanted to experience. To be honest, even though I feel done, to actually think about how this will all be over soon and I may not ever have the opportunity to feel precious baby hiccups and kicks again and be the only one who gets to have baby all to myself and with me 24/7 everywhere I go, makes me sad. I am ready to be done, but not actually. Know what I mean?

Food cravings? Nothing stands out although I HAD to have taco bell soft tacos twice. 🙂 

Food aversions? I hit a chicken today with my car… a big beautiful rooster. It was only a matter of time. I do not want any chicken now. :[

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

Labor signs? No but these Braxton Hicks mean serious business nowadays. I am getting them less now the further along I get. I don’t understand that. Same thing happened with Tru.  

What I’m looking forward to? Nothing in particular aside from meeting the sweet little boy. I am really looking forward to seeing Tru’s face. I keep dreaming about breastfeeding. In some way, I think I am looking forward to that as far as the bonding goes. Not the pain! 

Milestones? I have reached single digit weeks until birth even if I go way overdue. Also, 8 months!!! Whoo hoo! 

Bump? Sometimes I think that it really doesn’t look that big. Other times, it really really does! 😉



It's blurry. And I'm wearing DH's clothes....

It’s blurry. And I’m wearing DH’s clothes….

Dear God, thank You for 8 months of pregnancy with this precious little baby You have blessed us with. He is beyond precious to me and I love him so very much. I ask that You will continue to protect and watch over him during these final weeks of pregnancy and please bring us to a safe, happy, healthy delivery at just the right time and in just the way You want it to be. In Jesus’ name, amen.