I know, I know. I always seem to post 2 times in one day when I have the laptop out. Sorry if that drives ya’ll nuts.


Today we are trying to do some aggressive potty training. I don’t know what made me wake up and decide I wanted to try to tackle this right now but I put a pull-up on Truett and set the timer to go off every 20 minutes. So far we have had quite a few successes and several pees in the pull-ups too. That’s ok. 🙂 Every 20 minutes is a bit often but I am trying to really get him used to this quickly. We only sit on the toilet for about 2 minutes that way he doesn’t get bored. I just want him to have this as a positive experience. Because he is so strong-willed, I am afraid that he will be stubborn and refuse to go at all if it’s not a positive experience.


Gotta go! 20 minutes goes really fast! Wish us luck. 😉