We are just 2 days away from the start of twice weekly NST’s Lord willing. I am looking forward to getting that reassurance since baby boy decided to make me worry a little bit yesterday by being ever so lazy and then waiting ages this morning to move. Thankfully, he passed his kick counts but I am not too good at dealing with that stress. I have to say though, I am LOVING having him in the head down position as opposed to folded in half. It is so much better for kick counts to have more moveable limbs. With Tru, he could pretty much only move his arms there at the end. His feet were up in his face and he just didn’t do much with them.


I have started to have some swelling in my feet. Not terribly, but it is becoming clear that I can’t push myself like I am used to doing. When I do, I get very out of breath and my feet start to grow very quickly. Just for full disclosure though, I think I should mention the swelling of the lady parts. Nobody talks about this!! Why doesn’t anyone warn you. “By the way, your whooha is going to swell, ya know, literally shut. You won’t recognize your down stairs. Not that you can see your down stairs. But if you could, you wouldn’t recognize it.” Not that it would change my mind about wanting to be pregnant or anything but I do think women should warn each other about this so they don’t hit total freak out mode when they start swelling down there.


How far along? 31 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? We should know a guesstimate in 2 days! My guess is a little over 4 pounds. 🙂 

Total weight gain/loss? Ok, this has been really weird this week. I gained about 8 pounds in 36 hours. That was truly freaky but I think it must have been that I was retaining water really bad. I did think that I was peeing a lot less. Plus the foot swelling which didn’t look that bad but must have been. I lost 5 pounds over night. I think I am up about 3 pounds from last week though according to what I weighed this morning. So roughly +25 so far I guess. 

Sleep? Has been going better. I put some blankets under our mattress and it seems to be helping me sleep better.

Best moment this week? Yesterday, I was watching the elderly lady that I am taking care of once a week right now. Tru NEVER takes naps on me. He is only able to sleep in his own bed and occasionally in the car. He has always been really weird about that. But anyways, he fell asleep on my lap and Levi kept kicking him. It was precious and I absolutely loved it. I also love how Tru hugs my belly. He has no idea at all about there being a baby in there. We tell him all the time but he can’t grasp that concept yet. But he truly just loves my big belly and likes to hug it and lay his head on it and pat it. Sometimes he pulls up my shirt just to look at it and ask “What’s this?”. It’s pretty funny and sweet.  

Symptoms? My queasiness has mostly subsided aside from a little bit here and there. I am eating small portions most of the time because I will pay afterwards if I don’t. My inner thigh muscles have been pulled for weeks now and I can’t figure out why. They feel a little better now so that is good. I get awful stabbing pains in my cervix area all the time. Especially when I am standing. They take my breath away they hurt so bad. It’s like a pap smear from the inside but worse. Having boatloads of pressure. Mostly in my butt, go figure. I had to sit down the other evening because it was so bad. I told DH that it felt like Levi was going to come out of my butt. He asked: “That can’t happen can it?” LOL! I love DH so much! I actually have felt really well this week all things considered. I still have enough energy to get through the day and I am only terribly uncomfortable now and then.  

Food cravings? Cold cereal. I can’t seem to get enough of it this week. I am using 1% milk to try to cut back on the calories but really, I could eat it 3 times a day – oh wait… I did that actually once this week. 😉

Food aversions? HA! 

Gender? Baby boy Levi. 

Belly button in or out? It’s been out for months and I had taken this question off but lately, it feels very warm or even hot to the touch. I remember it did that with Tru too. Must be because it is stretched too thin? I have this paranoia that it might bust open while pushing. I mean, it pops out really far! And it’ so thin! 

What I’m looking forward to? Growth scan and meeting this boy here pretty soon. 🙂 I am also getting really antsy to wash his clothes. I am having a hard time keeping myself from doing that yet. I need to wait a few more weeks. 

Bump? I haven’t taken my weekly picture yet so I will leave you with this…:) 

Sweetly oblivious that his head was being kicked repeatedly. ;)

Sweetly oblivious that his head was being kicked repeatedly. 😉


Dear God, thank You for all of Your blessings throughout this pregnancy. I ask that You will continue to bless and watch over us all during the remainder of this pregnancy. I pray that all of our appointments will go well and that Levi will be strong and healthy and safe inside me. In Jesus’ name, amen.