I had my long awaited prenatal massage today and it did not disappoint! Now I just hope my insurance comes through and covers it for real so I can have another one. Otherwise, that’s the end of massages for me. *sniff* I am just not that high of a roller right now. But I must say, I just loved it! I could definitely go on a weekly – who am I kidding – daily basis. I was so relaxed, I thought I quit breathing a few times lol. I was so relaxed, I had to crack my eyes open now and then to make sure I wasn’t asleep. I was so relaxed that after I left, I could barely stay awake to drive…. It was wonderful. I mean, she even massaged my EARS!  I still have pain in my inner thighs like I’ve had for the last few weeks but all the stretching that she did on my back, neck and shoulders was great. 🙂

I had to stop and buy some drinking water on my way home because we can’t drink our cistern water. I didn’t want to go to Wal-mart so I stopped at the dollar store. I was dismayed to see that they don’t carry the brand of water that I like so I had to buy the brand that we used to get years ago… I can’t stand the taste of it anymore! In fact, the only water I like is the brand that we buy now. We only drink water, I never buy pop unless it’s a freeze or something while I am out or a party or something. I do drink juice occasionally but not often. Once every great while I will make iced tea but day in and day out, all we drink is water. So I have my favorite. Water is not all the same to me. Some is really nasty! I can drink water at other people’s houses but usually I have to add ice to really be able to enjoy it. Ice helps the taste… Anyways, as I am standing in the isle thinking of how to ask DH to drink this “inferior” water (he doesn’t mind it) and save me the “good” water until the next time I make it to Wal-mart, it occurs to me that – Oh no! I am Monk. 

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Adrain_Monk.jpg Monk only drinks Sierra Springs water throughout seasons 1–5 and a fictional brand (Summit Creek) throughout seasons 6–8, to the point that in the season 2 episode “Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico”, Monk goes without drinking for several days because he cannot find any Sierra Springs.  – copied from wikipedia for those of you who have no idea who Monk is.