How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

How big is the baby? Probably over 3 pounds by now and approaching full term length. 🙂

Total weight gain/loss? I was so proud of myself. I didn’t gain any weight this week. And then this morning my body was like “Hey girl! My bad… I forgot to give you some poundage! Here, let me make up for it. Here’s 2 pounds.” So, up 22 pounds.

Maternity clothes? I need some desperately. I have outgrown some and some are seasonal and I can’t make my regular shirts fit like I did with Tru. They just won’t this time.

Sleep? Sleep is good. It’s the pains and the peeing that wake me up. I pee more often than once an hour all night. No lie. I really do. It’s crazy.

Best moment this week? No particular moment. The changes in the kicks and punches have been pretty sweet. I am FINALLY able to feel more distinct appendages. I have a huge blank zone in the front of my tummy where I feel no movement of any kind ever. Anterior placentas are weird. I recommend you grow a nice fundal or posterior one. But almost anything is better than previa so I am happy! 🙂 Also, Tru has been letting me hold him more. It makes me happy since I really love when we get to snuggle. 🙂

Symptoms? My pelvis is splitting in half. No really, it is. Out of breathe all the time. Pressure, cramps, the usual. All signs that we are nearing the home stretch! It’s not a symptom but my shots are getting harder to do as I run out of pinchable, vein free skin on my tummy. We may have to resort to thighs, butt cheeks and love handles soon but I save those for as long as possible. My thighs have only a couple good spots, I shudder to think of DH giving me Lovenox injections (PIO is fine but Lovenox, not so sure) and the love handles are hard to reach.

Food cravings? Sweets and it is so strange! I have been really good this week about not giving in. As in, I haven’t went to the store. So I have been forced to be good.

Food aversions? At this point, I could almost wish so. I want all the food, all the time.

Gender? Baby boy Levi.

What I miss? Up until the last couple weeks I was still doing this modified laying on my belly position. It doesn’t work any more. I kind of miss it. I keep waking up on my back. That makes me feel guilty.

What I’m looking forward to? Meeting the little man. I am also anxious to start washing his clothes but I am holding out a few more weeks. I need a dresser for him and Tru to share still. I also want to get my hospital bag packed for real but it has come to my attention that I need to buy some serious yoga pants. I fit no pants any more. I wear my one pair of maternity leggings (that I have discovered have a hole) under my 2 dresses that fit when I go out. I am so redundant. I also have no idea how any of this relates to “What I’m looking forward to”

Milestones? I think I passed my glucose test. The nurse called but she didn’t say what specific test on the VM she left me. I could call and ask but I think she was talking about the GT. 🙂

Bump? HUGE!!! It has seriously popped out there! DH and I were laughing about it’s gigantic size last night. We aren’t sure how it can get bigger. I mean, I suppose it did with Tru but I don’t know. I don’t think I was much bigger than this. I try to remind myself that Tru had a lot less fluid but yeah, I’m pretty sure this isn’t fluid. I think mommy has just been stretched out before so stretching is easier this time. And mommy is gaining weight differently. Which reminds me, the ladies seem to have shrunk. Which is good I guess because I still haven’t bought a larger bra.

27 weeks 6 days

27 weeks 6 days – I missed taking a 28 week picture and I never posted this one. 

29 weeks 4 days

29 weeks 4 days – look at that bellah!! What happened? 


Dear God, I pray that as we near the end of this pregnancy that You will prepare the perfect birth experience that You want for me and this baby. I pray that we will have a safe and easy labor and birth and that he will be in the right position for him to be healthy and safe. I pray that however he comes into this outside world that he will be safe and healthy and happy. Please continue to watch over and protect him inside me. In Jesus’ name, amen.