I don’t have anywhere to put this stuff in a regular weekly update post so I thought I would just get it out here. Not that it’s important, I just feel like getting it off my chest.

  • Someone wrecked into our truck while it was parked at the auto repair shop for a minor braking problem. The brakes aren’t bad, it’s just something to do with the anti-lock brakes. But yep. Someone ran into us and didn’t bother to let anyone know for 2 days. At that point, the mechanic got in touch with us and gave me the persons info. I don’t think she was insured. Oh joy. This has actually happened to us THREE times that our vehicles have been hit while parked. That’s better than having them hit while we are in them of course but it still sucks.
  • I have several blog giveaways that I have been wanting to do for months now! I just need to get around to actually doing them. Be on the lookout to enter for a chance to win! 🙂
  • Our water froze and was out from last Wednesday until Sunday. Thankfully it finally came back on when everything began to thaw out again. It feels great to have water finally but we really have to get that freezing problem addressed this spring. This happens even with heat tape on our pipes and DH built an insulating wall in front of the pipes but it’s just not enough for Arctic Blasts.
  • I have been trying to help a friend of mine with some fertility issues. Not going to go into any details here but I really feel good when I get to use all my “experience” to help someone so maybe they don’t have to go through as much confusion and waiting as I did.
  • On that note, a relative of a relative told me at Christmas that after a talk I had with her a few maybe 3+ years ago (which I didn’t even remember) she tried Clomid which I had recommended to get pregnant and she pointed to her child. I can’t tell you how happy that made me. I’m not trying to take credit here at all but I am just so happy for her that she got to have her baby and didn’t have to try for years and years unsuccessfully.
  • I have SPD also know as PPGP (Pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Pain). You can read the link for more details but it is pretty much the separation of the front of the pelvic joint. It hurts frequently and I couldn’t even sleep this morning. It is kind of funny though. I can feel the front of my pelvis crunch and move when I roll over in bed and when I walk to the bathroom at night I can feel it grinding back into place. It is that gross kind of thing that makes you laugh because it’s just such a weird sensation. I had it mildly with Tru. It will go away, in the meantime I think I am going to make another appointment with the Chiropractor and if my insurance isn’t lying, maybe even a prenatal massage? 😀
  • I have posts in the drafts folder that I can’t upload yet because they need pictures added. My computer thinks it can’t recognize my camera that I have been plugging into it for nearly a year now. I hope to get this issue resolved soon because I have Tru’s 15 month update ready and I really want to get it uploaded WITH his adorable face. 😉

This is kind of it’s own post. Suggestions welcome.

  • I’m not sure what to do about my dog. I am starting to think he just needs a new home. That makes me TERRIBLY sad because I NEVER EVER EVER thought I would give him away. And I have had an offer from someone to buy him in the past and I was like NO amount of money could buy this dog. I am the kind of person who keeps my animals until death do us part (With the exception of our ferrets that I had to give away after I had Tru. It wouldn’t have been fair to them to keep them.) But our dog hates Tru. He growls at him when Tru gets near him which makes me nervous. He loves ALL OTHER KIDS except for Tru. I think because the dog was here first. And he’s jealous. But Tru loves that dog so much. I have never seen a baby pet so gently. He lays his head on the dog and hugs him so carefully. It literally is making me sad. I don’t know what to do. Recently, our dog who never ever had accidents (seriously, he could go a year with no accidents) is peeing occasionally on the floor as a behavior thing. Even when he has been out recently. It’s usually around DH because he is most jealous of DH not spending every single second with him. And he is getting super annoying to DH getting right in his face and trying to block him from playing with Tru. I don’t know what to do because outside of having him be an outside dog, (I hate the thought of that – that’s really no life for a dog) to rehome him I would have to find a child-free, pet-free (he hates other dogs, he’s fine with cats though) home. And most people who want a dog already have one. Plus he’s 5 years old so not a young pup anymore. NOT TO MENTION, I am kind of super attached to him. I raised him from 7 weeks old. I rushed him to the vet when he was hemorrhaging and told them to save him, I didn’t care how much it cost. ($1,100 by the way) I hand fed him for weeks at a time when he wouldn’t eat or when he had his gastro issues. This is not a dog that I didn’t love like family. But is it fair to keep him now when he hates Tru, doesn’t like me while I’m pregnant, is jealous and-I’m guessing-sad? He’s obviously having behavior issues outside of just peeing on the floor. What to do, what to do. This can only get worse I feel. What would you do?