…are not easy. Today I started the hot water and while it was warming up, I went to undress. When I turned around, Tru was sitting on the shower floor, fully clothed. The water was still cold.

I got him out and undressed and before I could get him back in the shower, the pee dribbles started. (Him, not me!)

During the shower we had a nice moment where he got soap in his eyes. That left his eyes red for hours. Poor little guy.

Then we had that fun part where he cries because he wants to stay in the shower forever but it’s time to get out….

I got him dried off and he ran out of the nice linoleum bathroom into the nice carpet bedroom and immediately peed.
10 minutes post shower, he already had boogers smeared over his forehead. But we had a few good minutes there where he was nice and clean and smelled good and everything! It was all worth it. 🙂