I thought this was sweet. I am always after myself to live more in the moment. These precious moments are ones we can never get back. I am not into doing New Years Resolutions but I think this is very worthwhile.

Mom Life Now


She’s three. She goes to nursery school, soccer, ballet. She is most always forced to walk as I carry her little brother to and fro. She is the “big sister.” The independent one.

That afternoon, she was my little girl. “Mom, do you want to come cuddle with me in your bed?” she asked.

I froze. I thought of all the many items on my “to do” list. I thought of the coveted “me time” which was just about to happen as both kids rested. . .

We buried ourselves under the cozy blankets. We talked and giggled, and sometime during it all fell asleep together. I awoke with her in the crook of my arm. I could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon.

Sometimes life is best spent on standstill.

Life can wait. These two of mine, they cannot. Such a short time we have together. What could…

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