Since I am already a size larger at 27 weeks than I was at full term with Truett, I am looking for help finding a good, comfortable nursing bra. I have bought the largest size that is available in the brand I like. I am needing a bra extender on the 38D and the cups are already at capacity. I had the hardest time finding a nursing bra that didn’t cut my circulation off and hurt my boobies while I was in those first few months of engorgement after having Tru. I ended up going without a bra at home which was actually not comfortable at all but the bras I tried all smashed my boobs and left me in dire pain, in danger of blocked ducts and with extremely sweaty boobies from being way to confined. (EWWW!) There was no winning. I just had to wait till my boobs shrank back down and suffer every time I was in public. I am not ashamed to admit that more than once in public I put on a sweatshirt and opened the nursing cups to let the ladies have some freedom and air.


So, after that lengthy explanation, I am simply interested to hear what worked for other mommies. I expect to get quite a bit larger if I experience engorgement again. So I am definitely looking at bigger sizes like 38-40DD and DDD. I know I was bigger than a DD after having Tru, but like I said, I never found a bra that fit. I am not a fan of sports bra styles but I would be open to trying them out. I would also give non-nursing bras a shot in a pinch if they are really comfortable.


Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions!! ๐Ÿ™‚